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NFL Draft: Round 1 recap

The 2013 NFL draft was probably one of the most interesting drafts I have seen in recent memory. Many people seem to think it was boring because of the lack of star power or big names due to the large number of defensive and offensive lineman taken. For some reason many football fans think these players aren’t as exciting as “skill position” players. But then most people don’t know a damn thing about football, either.

(Side Note: People who use the term “skill position” should be kicked in the dick. Repeatedly. If you are so naïve to believe that playing offensive tackle is somehow less skilled than running back or wide receiver, than you are a complete moron and really shouldn’t be talking about football out loud. What people really mean when they say “skill position” is “Players that get my fantasy team points”. But by all means, tell Justin Smith it doesn’t take any skill to play his position. I dare you.)

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Bust, Trust, or Sleeper: NFL Draft 2013 Edition

The Daily Sports Obsession

The 40 day, 40 night extravaganza known as the NFL Draft is about to begin (just kidding, more like 39 day, 39 night). The first round kicks off tonight at 8. This means you’ll likely be falling asleep with pizza stains all over your favorite team’s jersey around pick 15, then wake up and prepare to watch rounds two and three to do it all over again. Since you’ll obviously think your team just had the best draft ever once Mr. Irrelevant’s name is called, I’m here to help by setting up this draft preview into three categories: the busts, the players I trust, and the sleepers ready to surprise. Let’s break it down!


  • Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon. Dion Jordan is not going to live up to the second pick in the NFL Draft, where he has been projected by many. For one, he’s too lean right now to be a defensive end…

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Panic Time in Memphis?

The Daily Sports Obsession

Grizzlies fans went to bed unhappy last night after Chris Paul’s jumper with 0.1 on the clock gave the L.A. Clippers a 93-91 win and a 2-0 lead in the first round series. The series now goes to Memphis for the next two games, with Game 3 being a must-win scenario for Lionel Hollins’s team. That being said, is it time for the Grizzlies to push the panic button?

Memphis is down 2-0 because of a couple factors, one being a lack of scoring off the bench compared to L.A. The Clippers’ bench outscored Memphis 79-51 through the first two games, and Jamal Crawford outscored Memphis’ bench 15-11 alone last night. Jerryd Bayless or Quincy Pondexter need to produce more, because just four more points off the bench is the difference between a 2-0 deficit and being tied 1-1 going back home to play games 3 and 4. Also, there were too many misses…

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5 things the Sports world can do without.

Yea...keep doing that and thinking you're cool folks. Joe Biden is the Versace of Pennsylvania Ave.

Yea…keep doing that and thinking you’re cool folks. Joe Biden is the Versace of Pennsylvania Ave.

5. The Fist Bump- When the President of the United States, even a black President, is seen using an exaggerated ‘High Five’ then you know it’s time to retire it. He can shoot hoops in the basement of the white house all he wants, he is still the POTUS. That means he has as much “Street Cred” as Phil Mickelson and people that think Coldplay is a “rock band”. Only way it could get more lame is if Hillary Clinton fist bumped Diane Feinstein for scoring some Kohl’s cash at a grand opening in Wisconsin.

(Read the complete list here.)

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SBM Exclusive Feature: The BLAST-CAST – Volume 8: Talk NBA Playoffs With J-Dub and Meehan LIVE!

SBM Blastcast Header

The BLAST-CAST, the audio incarnation of the most dynamic independent sports blogging group on the web is going LIVE Tonight! Sunday, April 21st, 8 p.m. Eastern (U.S.) time…or 10 a.m. Monday April 22nd for our listeners in Papua New Guinea, the BLAST-CAST will be live and taking your calls!

Even if you couldn’t give a frog’s water-tight ass about what J-Dub and Meehan think  about the NBA Playoffs, you will not want to miss what the headshrinkers who are worshipping a 1937 Buick left behind by the U.S. Army after World War II think about Carmelo Anthony’s chances of leading the Knicks to an NBA Championship.

Want to be a part of history? All you have to do is go to  If you sign up for a free account, you can follow this podcast and receive updates as to when new podcasts are scheduled. You can also pick an ID, which will matter if you want us to know who you are when you call in. Otherwise, you will be displayed to us as a simple geographic description of your area code.  It doesn’t cost anything to have an identity better than “somewhere in  South Dakota.”

Whether you sign up or not, to participate all you need to do is call (724) 444-7444. When prompted, you will need the call ID number – 127035.

With that, come join the BLAST-CAST on Sunday night and share your NBA playoff thoughts with us!

Click here to listen live to or download the Blast-Cast (MP3 format)…The Blast-Cast is also available on Itunes; just search “SportsBlogMovement.”

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The Dubsism NBA Playoffs Contenders and Pretenders Edition: The Western Conference


LA clippers up LA lakers downAs we are at the end of the 2012-13 NBA regular season, it is time to look at the teams who can actually win in the coming play-offs. Sure, the casual fan is going to be planted firmly on the Miami Heat bandwagon, but let’s be honest…they aren’t the only team who can win. But to be more honest, there aren’t very many teams who can win.  That’s why it is time to take an honest look at each of the playoff teams, strip off the misperceptions and make a realistic assessment of their chances to stand alone on the top of the NBA mountain come June.

Today, we give you the full two scoops of Dubsism on the Western Conference.

You can see the Dubsism run-down of the Eastern Conference here.

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Revis to Bucs Deal: Who Wins?

The Daily Sports Obsession

Pending a physical, the Darrelle Revis deal is done- he has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The trade brings closure to one of the longest sagas of the NFL offseason, and the New York Jets have a $95 million problem off their hands. The Bucs get one of the league’s best corners when he is healthy, and there is no doubt that they are excited to have him in Tampa Bay. Who really won this deal? Let’s examine.

The Buccaneers aren’t completely sure which Darrelle Revis they are getting in this trade, but they are employing the high-risk/high-reward strategy. The All-Pro corner has 19 along with three forced fumbles and 294 tackles in his first six years in the league, and is regarded by most as the best in the game at his position. The Bucs, 7-9 a season ago, are relatively thin at corner. Danny Gorrer only has one…

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