SBM Bios

The Sports Blog Movement is a consortium of several independent bloggers who cover the world of sports in their own ways. This allows the SBM to offer content unlike what you will find in many other outlets. This also means the strength of the group stems from the collection of talent which forms the SBM. Take a look for yourself.

Christopher SmithSBM Author: Christopher Smith

Blog: Obscure Athletes

Christopher Smith is a 23-year old undergraduate student, studying Political Science at the University of Massachusetts. When he’s not doing homework, he’s watching old football games on VHS tapes, and playing Wiffle Ball. His blog, Obscure Athletes, is a study of his favorite non-superstars and once-notable sports figures. He’s a blatant Boston homer, but loves obscure athletes from all teams and sports. He can be reached at or you can follow him on Twitter @Thisdude_chris.

SBM Administrator: J-Dub

Blog: Dubsism

It won’t take you long reading his blog to understand J-Dub is not a professional sports writer, nor does he have any desire to be. In fact, he has a disdain of most major sports media outlets because he believes there are far too many cases in which the media has been tainted by their relationship to sports they cover. As the saying goes, sometimes to make omelettes you have to break a few eggs, and a primary tenet of Dubsism is to bust huevos when needed. In other words, his blog is not the place where you will find box scores, game recaps, or any of the general sycophantry ESPN loves to pump out.  Instead, Dubsism is home to a two-fisted view of the world of current events in sports. Never being one to subscribe to conventional wisdom,  J-Dub’s views are sometimes raw, sometimes refreshing, but always infused with his unique perspective delivered with his own brand of wise-cracks.  J-Dub always enjoys feedback from readers and fellow bloggers; he can be reached at, his Facebook page, or @Dubsism on Twitter. You can also follow the Dubsism Sports Warp on Pinterest.

SBM Author: Jeremy Wiebe

Blog: Jsportsblogger

Unlike many other members of the Sports Blog Movement, I don’t have a degree in journalism or writing. I’m fairly late when it comes to blogging but since starting over two years ago,  I enjoy it very much. The three sports I write about the most are hockey, football, and soccer.   I will dabble with basketball and baseball from time to time.   I try to provide some wit and wisdom and will offer an opinion or two. Oh , by the way,  I’m Canadian and I’m proud of it.  Feel free to contact me by email at or at @jstar1973 on Twitter.

kody BrannonSBM Author: Kody Brannon

Blog: Kody’s Sports Korner

Kody Brannon is an avid sports fan who has turned his passion about sports into a full time hobby writing about sports from a fans perspective. He has also been fortunate enough to receive media credentials to many sporting events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, such as SMU Football, UNT Football, the Heart of Dallas Bowl, Texas Motor Speedway, and Colonial Golf course. He is also a member of the Football Writers Association of America. You can reach Kody at or follow him on Twitter at @Kodysportskornr

 neil roberts

SBM Author: Neil Roberts

Blog: Sports With Neil

As a someone who has grown-up in the Pacific North West, you get used to most of the country forgetting you exist. My name is Neil Roberts and I am the managing editor of Sports with Neil. The blog helps to promote the radio show and also helps me hone my abilities for sports broadcasting. Currently, I am a junior at Washington State University and my major is Communications with an emphasis in broadcasting. You can follow me on Twitter at @SportswithNeil 

ryan meehan avatarSBM Managing Editor: Ryan Meehan

Blog: First Order Historians and East End Philadelphia

Ryan Meehan is an American writer of Irish descent who always constructs the first sentence of his bios as if it is being read on Wikipedia.  He has been covering the NFL as well as other sports over at First Order Historians for four years now, and also interviews various entertainment visionaries in a weekly 5 Questions segment that always seems to contains more than five questions.  Meehan is based out of Moline, Illinois – the international home of John Deere & Company and birthplace of late jazz drummer Louie Bellson.  He also writes for another blog called East End Philadelphia and was formerly a panelist on the IvyEnvy podcast.  Ryan enjoys long walks on death row so he can laugh at the inmates, and in an unrelated story has a hard time sleeping and must take Ambien to avoid bouts of psychosis.

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