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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 62 – Explaining the Indiana Pacers

Throughout the length and breadth of this NBA season, all we heard about was this vaunted race between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers for the coveted #1 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  For 62 games, the Pacers looked like a championship team waiting to happen. The Pacers were 18-2 in their first 20 games, which included wins over play-off teams such as the Chicago, bulls, Memphis Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers, and the West’s #1 seed, the San Antonio Spurs. The Circle City Five reached the 62-game mark sporting a  46-16 mark, which was good to keep them 3 games ahead of the Heat.

But then the wheels came off. Over the last 20 games of the regular season, the Pacers limped to a 10-10 mark, including a 36-point ass-hammering by the Spurs, and a 20-point manhandling at the hands of the very same Atlanta Hawks who look to be taking command of their first-round series with Indiana.

So, what the hell happened? You can get as many different answers to that question as people you ask.  So, I’ve taken it upon myself to offer something you won’t get anywhere else on the web: A Doppelganger-based explanation as to what is wrong with the Indiana Pacers.

1) Luis has been a “Firework”

lius scola russell brand

While there are several theories as to who isn’t performing, you can’t apply any of them to Luis Scola. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for his doppelganger, Russell Brand. That’s because nobody has given a shit about Brand since he stopped sticking his “firework” into Katy Perry.

2) The Disappearance of “P-Mac” George

paul george tracy mcgrady

I’m not sure why it took until now for me to realize the resemblance between the Pacers’ Paul George and Tracy McGrady, unless it because George lately has been playing like T-Mac, and not the NBA All-Star McGrady was in days gone by. Paul George has been basketball playing more like today’s T-Mac, who is now pitching for the Sugar Land Skeeters in the independent Atlantic League.

3) The Island of Dr. Hibbert

roy hibbert dr hibbert

Say what you will, but at some point in the last month, Roy Hibbert went from a potential All-Star center to the chuckling Cosby-esque Dr. Julius Hibbert from The Simpsons, except the doctor never got stuffed twice in one game by Kyle fucking Korver.

4) You Can’t Spell “DissaPPointment” without “P”

pacers purdue piratesFace it, the letter “P” doesn’t bode well for championship hopes. The last time the Pacers won a league title was in 1973 when they topped the now-defunct American Basketball Association. 60 miles to the northwest of Indianapolis lies Purdue University, which despite having won more B1G Ten titles than any other school has yet to win a national championship. Then there’s the Pittsburgh Pirates, who since their last World Series win 35 years ago have only managed four first-round play-off losses.

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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 61 – The NCAA Tournament Edition

sim bhullar chief one flew over cuckoos nest

Let’s be honest. Today really marks the start of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. sure, I know we have those “First Four” games on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but those don’t really have the feel. The opener of “March Madness,” needs those “David and Goliath” matchups; your”big conference power team” matched up against South Southern Central Vo-Tech A&M.

Speaking of “Goliaths,” There’s really not a better real-life example of a giant in this tournament that Sim Bhullar, the center for the #13-seeded New Mexico State Aggies. Having said that, we couldn’t help but to notice Bhullar’s simlarity to another giant, the “Chief” from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

Now for the best part…Sim is listed at a gargantuan 7’5″ and 360 pounds, but he also has a “little” brother, Tanveer, who also plays for the Aggies. Of course by little, we mean that Tanveer Bhullar is only 7’3″ and 335 pounds.

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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 60

 Jay Wright George Clooney

Since our last episode was based on the Oscars, and since we are on the verge of March Madness, there simply can’t be a better time to note the resemblance between Villanova head coach Jay Wright and George Clooney.


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Sports Doppelgangers: Volume 59 – The Academy Awards Edition

Richard Petty Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club

While Ellen DeGeneres was crashing Twitter last night with “The Selfie of the Century,” we here at Sports Blog Movement were more taken with the eerie resemblance between NASCAR legend Richard Petty and Matthew McConaughey’s character from “Dallas Buyer’s Club” which netted him the Oscar for Best Actor.

That wasn’t the only sports-related fun from last night’s Academy Awards.  Many people don’t know that Chicago White Sox’ slugger Adam Dunn was not only an extra in “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” but he put up some of the money to make the picture.

robin ventura liza minnelli

Speaking of the White Sox, the best non-selfie part of the night night may have been when Ellen DeGeneres pissed off Liza Minnelli by mistaking her for a female impersonator. This only led us to believe that Liza in her pre-op post-op inexplicable condition could pass for one of those computer-generated  simulations of what White Sox manager Robin Ventura would look like if he went all “La Cage Aux Folles” on us.


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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 58 – The Winter Olympics Edition

Since today marks the last day of the Sochi Olympics, it’s time to point out this Olympiad’s slate of look-alikes.

jayson werth per spett

For starters, we can point out the transition from the Olympics to baseball’s spring training with the resemblance between Washington Nationals’ outfielder Jayson Werth and Norwegian skier Per Spett.

norway curling pants partridge bus

Speaking of the Norwegians, we couldn’t help but notice their curling teams’ pants had to have been inspired by the bus from the 1970’s sit-com “The Partridge Family.”

vladimir putin and dog

Then, there is the man who brought us this Olympiad, Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has a decidedly canine appearance.

mirjam ott shawn white

We close by paying homage to pre-haircut Shawn White, whose influence in filling the Winter Olympics with bullshit quasi-sports made for stoners only makes us realize how much he looks like Swiss curling legend Mirjam Ott.

shawn white rocky dennis

The resemblance between Ott and White is a bit weird, because she isn’t nearly as butt-ugly as White…as his resemblance to “mask” main character Rocky Dennis illustrates.



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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 57 – More From the Pacific Northwest

pete carroll and pia sundhage

In yet another attempt to familiarize you with the Pacific Northwest in light of our newest feature Rants From the Palouse, we bring you another doppelganger. This time, it’s the Super Bowl winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll, and former U.S. women’s soccer coach (and current coach of the Swedish national team) Pia Sundhage.


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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 56 – The Palouse Edition

16 Mike Leach Vince Gill

In honor of our newest feature, Rants From The Palouse, here is where we notice the stunning resemblance between one of my favorite coaches ever, Washington State’s Mike Leach, and country music star and professional weight-gainer Vince Gill. 

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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 55

Don Nelson Boris Yeltsin

In honor of the confluence of the Winter Olympics and the NBA All-Star Weekend, there simply can’t be a better time to point out the uncanny likeness between fomer NBA head coach Don Nelson and former Russian president and currently dead Boris Yeltsin.


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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 54 – The Super Bowl XLVIII Edition

Super Sunday is full of look-alikes. Here’s just a few of what we think are the best.

john candy zane beadles

Ironically the smallest amount of resemblance belong to the largest men on this list, as in Broncos offensive lineman Zane Beadles, who really could be the reincarnation of the late funnyman John Candy.

richard sherman busta rhymes


Then, there’s Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman and rapper Busta Rhymes, who both specialize in making a lot of noise.

russell wilson tristan wilds

Even the quarterbacks are in on the look-alike action, as in Seattle signal-caller Russell Wilson and star of the HBO series “The Wire” Tristan Wilds.

peyton manning al rosen


Then, there’s 5-time MVP Peyton Manning, who bears an eerie resemblance to the 1953 American League MVP, Cleveland Indians’ slugger Al Rosen.




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SBM Exclusive: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 53

johnny manziel ernie

One of the biggest comebacks we’ve ever seen happened last night in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, led by Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.  Now, we have no idea how he will fare in the NFL, but his shocking resemblance to Sesame Street’s Ernie makes him a perfect commercial partner with another NFL quarterback who is a dead ringer for Bert.

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