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As we bid adieu to 2012 and say hello to 2013, many people are looking back in reflection of the year past. I have decided to look ahead to the incoming year. 2012 was a memorable year in sports. Not all the memories are wonderful. What will 2013 bring? Here are some of my predictions for 2013.

– The NHL Will Return in 2013

NHL Lockout

Yes, the lockout will end at some point. However I still believe the NHL won’t resume until October. I know they are negotiating as I write this piece, and their is a chance of a deal being struck to save the 2012-13 season. But I can also see the owners and players pushing this to the brink, then eventually going over the cliff. In other words, don’t trust these idiots in doing the right thing.

– Gary Bettman Will Resign as NHL Commissioner


This lockout has…

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Being that we are at the end of what has proven to be a tumultuous twelve months, why not take a look back at the biggest sports stories of such a year? After all, I’m pretty sure nobody else does these sort of retrospectives…

15) The Los Angeles Kings Win The Stanley Cup

For purposes of full disclosure, I have a bias on this one; I’ve been a Kings’ fan since I had to hold a puck with two hands. But there’s a couple of reasons why this win by the sole surviving original California hockey team (raise your hand if you remember the California Golden Seals) is a big story.

  • The Kings are the first native Los Angeles  team (not relocated from another city) to win a championship (Anaheim is NOT Los Angeles).
  • The Kings became the first NHL team to enter the playoffs as the 8th seed and…

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SBM College Bowl Pick ‘Em Challenge Update: The First Half

SBM Pick Challenge 2012 1

What can I say? This may very well be the worst showing I’ve ever had in a Challenge like this. Not only am I under .500, I’m losing to a guy whose name is “I do not watch college football.”

Anyway, here’s the rundown up to this point.

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NFL’s “Black Monday”: Who Gets Fired?

The Daily Sports Obsession

Ah, Black Monday. The day in the NFL after Week 17 when head coaches of losing teams get fired right away as their former employer searches for a new man to fill the position. This year’s Black Monday falls on New Year’s Eve, a very tough time to be handed a pink slip after a rough year. Who’s safe and who’s out? Let’s do it!


  • Jason Garrett, Cowboys. Even if the Cowboys lose to the Redskins and miss the playoffs for a third straight year, Jason Garrett will be given one more chance in Dallas. You can point to a couple games and say that the time-management issues killed the Cowboys’ chances, but overall Garrett has the Cowboys going in the right direction. If Dallas beats the Redskins, there’s no doubt the coaching position is safe.

  • Rex Ryan, Jets. Ryan is safe for another go-around as well. If the…

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This is it. The final week of the NFL season. As always there is much to be settled when it comes to the playoff picture. The NFC is particular is a mess and this week’s games will clean up the muddled playoff picture. Here are the picks.

Chicago at Detroit

Jay CutlerMegatron 2

The Bears need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Lions have been one of the biggest disappointments of 2012. However, if there is one game I want my Lions to win it is when the Bears make their annual sojourn to Ford Field. So I go with my heart here. Upset special. Detroit wins.

New York Jets at Buffalo

Greg McElroyMario Williams

Ugh. Can someone tell me why Tim Tebow is worth the trouble? Does anyone care anymore? The Jets deserve to lose for subjecting us to this horrible drama that would make trashy soap operas proud. Buffalo wins.


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Double Standard?

The Daily Sports Obsession

There is a major double standard rising in sports, and that is player’s reputations when it comes to dirty play. Some stars are so beloved that they can seemingly get away from fan’s hatred no matter what they do on the field or court. Some have such bad reputations that no matter what they do they are considered a dirty player, but their play is no dirtier than the beloved player. This debate was raised again last night, with Dwyane Wade and Ndamukong Suh as examples.

When Ndamukong Suh plays, you have to have a bit of fear inside of you as an opponent. Some of that is because of Suh’s defensive ability, some of it is because of his dirty play. When you look at video of some of his incidents it is obvious that he can be a dirty player sometimes. For this, he gets a lot of…

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SBM Exclusive Feature: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 3

Here’s another example which takes us to the world’s most popular sport, but this time we made sure the example was uniquely American.

alexi lalas rocky dennis

That’s why this episode features American soccer super-hero Alexi Lalas (and make no mistake, he is the uber-dude to date of American soccer (which is why he is the ESPN go-to guy for all things round, no-hands football) and Rocky Dennis from the 1985 Cher vehicle “Mask.”


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