About SBM

The Mission of the Sports Blog Movement:

In a world where technology has given every person an outlet for their voice, the Sports Blog Movement seeks to make those voices stronger by giving them an environment where they can draw on those with similar interests in sports so they may all maximize each other’s potential and provide a unique source of independent content for the reader.

What That Really Means:

As you can see, the mission of the Sports Blog Movement is rather simple; this stems from the simple nature of its creation. SBM was born as a creative effort by non-journalists; everyday people who loved writing and talking about sports. The original crew came together during the NBA playoffs in the spring of 2011. There were many nights full of discussion about games, players, and match-ups.

As more discussion-filled nights passed, more interest swirled around the idea of creating a forum in which the everyday sports fan could have a place to share their observations and opinions with like-minded fans. As the SBM grew from those humble roots, it has taken on a few incarnations, yet maintained the same core principles.

The Sports Blog Movement is about independent sports bloggers supporting each other in their efforts. As the Movement has grown, it has included some members who aspire to careers in main-stream sports journalism, it has included some members who would like to be bloggers on a professional level, all while remaining true to its genesis as a home for the voice of the everyday sports fan.

That eclectic mix of talent (be sure to browse the SBM Bios page to see the wide range in the membership) is actually the strength of the movement. By making sure the content remains contributor based, all the members can draw from each others experiences while emboldening their own voice.

In order to maintain this environment, Sports Blog Movement members are asked to commit to creating a certain amount of unique, quality content and to promote the SBM brand for the betterment of the entire group.

For the reader, the Sports Blog Movement aims to create a place where one can see independently-created content which offers perspectives which are not readily available in other outlets.

Above all else, the Sports Blog Movement is all-inclusive. If you are an independent sports blogger who wants to be part of a group dedicated to bettering the blogging world, or if you simply enjoy discussing sports, feel free to interact with the SBM via this blog, any of the blogs of the SBM contributors, sportsblogmovement@gmail.com, the SBM Facebook Page, or follow SBM at @SprtsBlgMovemnt on Twitter.

One response to “About SBM

  1. Enjoyed perusing your page and love the concept. This is pretty much how “Bleacher Report” and “Sports Blog Nation” originated years ago, drawing contributions from die-hard sports fans.

    Writing is always good when there’s passion behind it and you picked a great subject to draw inspiration from.

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