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The Dubsism 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge – Light Fuse and Stand Back



The day after Selection Sunday is historically the best for my brackets; it’s the one day there’s still hope.  Sometime between now and the end of the weekend, the hopes for my brackets have generally disappeared faster than a Malaysian airliner.  That’s precisely why this post comes with a disclaimer. It’s really not a question of whether you should stand back; it’s a matter of how far way you need to be avoid sucking in fatal amounts of smoldering wreckage when my bracket eventually collapses on itself.  That’s why I have provided you with the following Civil Defense chart, as the force of my collapsing bracket has been estimated by some serious science-type guys to be roughly that of a 1960’s era nuclear weapon.

blast radius

So, now that you’ve seen that, this is the part where I tell you (on the advice of my serious legal-type  guy) that you…

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SBM Exclusive Feature: The BLAST-CAST – Volume 5: Finally, Four Far-Out Facts About The Final Four

SBM Blastcast Header

Now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is down to the Final Four,  Ryan Meehan from East End Philadelphia and J-Dub from Dubsism have taken it upon themselves to educate you, the podcast-listening, blog-reading public as to some things about each school left standing which while 100% true are not the sort of facts you would not normally associate with basketball.  However, these facts are important, if for no other reason they lead to the off-brand, yet insightful sports rantings the four of you who follow this podcast have come to expect.

Click here to listen to or download the Blast-Cast (MP3 format)…this is a “must-hear” if you want to savor at least a chuckle out of your clearly-busted bracket. 


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The 2012 Dubsism Bracket Challenge: Thankfully, It’s Finally Over

Congratulations are due for the aptly named “Winner’s Bracket” for…you guessed it, winning the 2012 Dubsism Bracket Challenge. But for many of the rest of us (myself especially), the question is:  Can you euthanize a bracket?

I manage to get only one of the Final Four, and then I’m smart enough to not pick that team as the winner. The only real upside is that Kansas lost.  Screw Kansas; there is no team in college basketball I hate more than the Jayhawks.

Naturally, because I’m a masochist, I’ll be back next year.


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By Sam Brief (Sam’s Sports Brief)

146 days after the 2011-12 College Basketball season tipped off, just two teams are left standing – the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kentucky Wildcats. The story lines in this game are amazing – both teams have a Player of the Year candidate (Kansas’ Thomas Robinson and Kentucky’s Anthony Davis), both are historic powerhouses (29 combined Final Four appearances), and they faced-off earlier in the season (Kentucky 75, Kansas 65). Which team will come out on top tomorrow? Will it be the Jayhawks or the Wildcats? Which players will play big roles? What are some intriguing matchups to watch? It’s time to find out…




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NCAA Final Four Predictions and Analysis

The people are filing into the city of New Orleans for this years NCAA Final Four 2012, march madness has been “MAD”as always, numerous teams have been bounced and sent home. All the drama, all the excitement, all the heroics, have built the stage for only 4 teams to stand on, BUT who will steal the show when the curtain closes? Lets look at the matchups below:

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The 2012 Dubsism NCAA Bracket Challenge – Instead of “The Final Four,” It Should Be “The Final Countdown”

10…9…8…  Eventually you get the blinding flash, then the blast wave that crushes everything in its path for miles in every direction, then the radioactive fallout which poisons the landscape into a toxic nuclear wasteland where there simply is no survival.

Then there’s what happened to my bracket.  This was beyond collapse; this may have been the worst bracket I’ve ever filled out.  If you read any further, be warned that my bracket exploded with such ferocity that radiation may be seeping into your eyeballs at this very moment.

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TSFSG Presents: Ya Girl Don’t Do Brackets, But She Makes Predictions 2012 Men’s Final Four

As March Madness comes to as fast as an end as it began with, I am reminded this time of year why I DON’T DO BRACKETS: By the first weekend, usually the play-in games, I am out of contention and have lost any money I put into a pool. I haven’t competitively done brackets in a few years, much to the chagrin of new followers to TSFSG. When confronted with the usual question, “You’re The Sports Girl, I how do you not do brackets”, I quip back, “YA GIRL DON’T DO BRACKETS” and give the above explanation. I think it’s hilarious how people get caught up in brackets. I would rather play fantasy soccer than do brackets.

But it does not stop me from making predictions, which I guess is what doing brackets is, but I don’t like being wrong that many times. Reviews and predictions for The Final Four in New Orleans after the break!

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