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NFL Concussion Issue; Who’s Right?

When I decided to start working on an article about the Concussions in the NFL and litigation of former players against the NFL, I had one thought in mind. I was of the opinion the players had “assumed risk” of playing a violent game and really didn’t have a basis to attack the NFL with a lawsuit. Then I started doing a little bit of research.

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Media Day at the Super Bowl usually is a circus. Mostly to see media member from around the world ask inane questions to the players, hoping for a magical soundbite. Usually, there is nothing said of interest at this quagmire. But this year was different.

Randy Moss 49ers

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss made a bold proclamation at Media Day, saying he was the best receiver of all time! It was a ludicrous statement. Not only is it false, it is laughable. We all know who the best receiver of all time is. But there are more on the list that are better than Randy Moss. So here is a list of the ten best receivers that are better than Randy Moss.

Few things here. Firstly, number one isn’t arguable. It is so obvious that if you question it, you don’t know football. Secondly, numbers 2-10 are debatable and can be…

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Super Bowl XLVII Prediction: Potato Chips

As in who cares? Its the Ravens and 49ers. Its two brothers staring at each other, each trying to look more puzzled and confused than the other. It’s listening to two insufferable fan bases who know more about crabs and oysters than football. I’m fairly certain I speak for most of the NFL when I say: Nobody gives a shit, now go make me some crab cakes.

For me the NFL season ended two weeks ago. Even the alternative to this match-up would have been annoying. Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are two of the more fake, pre-programmed Ken dolls the NFL PR department has churned out in decades. Had the Falcons advanced we would have had to listen to the vomit-inducing nickname “Matty Ice” a few million times. (And by the way, that nick name sounds like the stage name for the world’s first openly gay rapper, not an NFL quarterback.) If Brady had advanced the term “passing the torch” would be uttered more often than the coverage of the Olympics. The sale of hand lotion and Kleenex in the Bristol, CT are would have skyrocketed, so nobody is more disappointed with SB XLVII than the folks at Lubriderm.

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The Definitive Dubsism/Sports Blog Movement Super Bowl Preview

super bowl 47 sbm banner

Now that we are down to a head-to-head match-up, there are three categories to analyze.

1) What Vegas Thinks

Anybody who loves to bet knows professional gamblers pay attention to five key statistics:

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Super Bowl Media Day was CRAZY...

Super Bowl Media Day was CRAZY…

by Ryan Meehan

Super Bowl week is here, and as NFL fans we are all looking forward to the biggest game of the year and all that goes along with it.  This year seems like it’s a little bit different, and there’s no one reason why the Super Bowl seems less appealing than it has been in recent seasons.  Instead, I believe that it is a set of assorted factors that I would like to discuss individually so we can take a look at why we don’t feel as excited as we usually do.  Continue reading


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SBM Exclusive Feature: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 16

tony dungy bat boy

While there may be a strong resemblance between former NFL head coach Tony Dungy and Bat Boy from the Weekly World News, we are pretty sure Bat Boy was a better post-season coach.


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It is NOT just a game.

Any heterosexual male that has grown up in Western civilization over the last half century has endured the same gauntlet on the way to manhood. Puberty. Tripping over absolutely nothing, usually in front of 20 or so people. That awkward first time you have to shower after gym class in high school with 20-30 other petrified and embarrassed teenage boys. Inexplicable and uncontrollable fits of rage over utterly minor transgressions. The first time you accidentally see down a girl’s shirt, see her bra and are instantly completely robbed of the ability to speak, move or do anything other than gawk stupidly. It’s also usually the same time most boys decide to switch from briefs to boxers.

Yea, growing up in America can be difficult when you have a steady diet of steroid soaked red meat and corn syrup. But we all went through it. All endured our share of humiliation. There is strength in commonality of failure.

But no event or experience is more life changing than the Kryptonite Chick.

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The bird is the word.  And right now, I hate that bird

The bird is the word. And right now, I hate that bird

by Ryan Meehan

For some reason the Baltimore Ravens have always bothered me, but I’ve never been sure why.  As a Giants fan, the obvious answer would be the fact that we lost to them in Super Bowl XXXV.  I can assure you that is not the case. Continue reading


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Is Nick Saban one of the greatest coaches ever?

Nick Saban just recently won his fourth national championship as a head coach, and the third in four years at Alabama. Which has led me to wonder if Nick Saban will start needing to be named as one of the greatest of all time? I’m not quite ready to call him one of the greatest college coaches but he is slowly making his case with each passing season.

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