It is NOT just a game.

Any heterosexual male that has grown up in Western civilization over the last half century has endured the same gauntlet on the way to manhood. Puberty. Tripping over absolutely nothing, usually in front of 20 or so people. That awkward first time you have to shower after gym class in high school with 20-30 other petrified and embarrassed teenage boys. Inexplicable and uncontrollable fits of rage over utterly minor transgressions. The first time you accidentally see down a girl’s shirt, see her bra and are instantly completely robbed of the ability to speak, move or do anything other than gawk stupidly. It’s also usually the same time most boys decide to switch from briefs to boxers.

Yea, growing up in America can be difficult when you have a steady diet of steroid soaked red meat and corn syrup. But we all went through it. All endured our share of humiliation. There is strength in commonality of failure.

But no event or experience is more life changing than the Kryptonite Chick.

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