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5 reasons hockey is the greatest sport in the known galaxy.

lebron-campbell#5- Absurd toughness. The current best player in the NBA is Lebron. In the NHL its Sid.

Lebron got carried off the court (CARRIED!) because of a leg cramp.

Sid played three weeks after having his jaw shattered like a Lego house.

But that’s nothing compared to Gregory Campbell (broken Leg) Andrew Shaw (Broken Orbital bone) Brenden Morrow (split kneecap) and Brian Bickell (you name it, it was broken/strained/pulled/bruised.). Those guys had injuries that would put most people in the hospital and didn’t miss a single shift, much let themselves be carried off the ice. In hockey that kind of effort and sacrifice is expected.

The only league that has the toughness and grit of hockey is the NFL…speaking of which.

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Sports' least interesting figure answers some questions from reporters that bore him

Sports’ least interesting figure answers some questions from reporters that bore him to tears

by Ryan Meehan

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally parted ways with Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant is no longer following Howard on Twitter.  Although that sounds like the second verse of a Taylor Swift song, that is an actual series of events that took place between two grown men this weekend in the National Basketball Association.  Howard agreed in principle to a deal with the Houston Rockets, and then we as sportswriters had to pretend like we’re actually interested.

My first thought when I read this was that it was a boring story.  And I still think that, but my initial reaction was going to be that this was something I wouldn’t even develop an opinion about.

But then I thought about it:  This is actually great news.  And the reason for that is because it takes two things that I don’t like and assures me that they are now in the same place.  Continue reading


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Jeremy Lin: Better Move For The Rockets Or The Knicks?

(Jeremy Lin picture via www.usatoday.com )

The choice has been made by the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin is the newest member of the Houston Rockets. But was this the correct move for the Knicks? What does this mean for the future of the Houston Rockets?

In New York, it was thought that the signing of veteran point guard Jason Kidd meant that the Knicks were bringing in a veteran presence to mentor Lin. After all, the Knicks said they would match any offer that was made to Lin by any team. Maybe they thought that this declaration would be one that would keep teams away from him. Well, there was one team that wanted Lin and wanted him at any cost. The Houston Rockets stepped in and offered him a three-year, twenty-five million dollar deal. On the surface, that would seem like a deal that the Knicks would match, but as you look into the meat of the deal, the Rockets made it pretty hard for that to happen. The third year of the deal that the Rockets offered Lin had a price tag of $15 million.  If New York would have matched that, then they would have had Lin, center Tyson Chandler, forward Amar’e Stoudemire and forward Carmelo Anthony all signed to huge contracts in the third year of Lin’s deal. And that would have crippled that team and made it almost impossible to build a team around them. The Knicks made the smart move for a change and let Lin walk. And in addition to that, they brought back former Knick point guard Raymond Felton on a three-year, ten million dollar deal. These point guards may not bring the level of excitement that Lin did, but both are professional and are more proven point guards than Lin is at this point.

(Kevin McHale picture via www.blog.chron.com )

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Stan Should Still Be the Man

Coaches are expendable. Players are not. That’s the traditional wisdom.

It’s hard to disagree with it. Someone try convincing the city of Cleveland that Mike Brown was worth more than Lebron James. Yeah, that would be impossible.

However, it’s time to do away with traditional wisdom in Orlando.

Sure, franchise players are incredibly hard to come by. These guys are your rare, one of a kind, Koh-i-Noor kind of diamonds only found in the British Crown Jewels collection. You don’t simply pick Dwight Howard’s up at the local corner store.  That’s why you have to do whatever you can to keep the gem, no matter what the cost may be. Well, supposedly. Continue reading


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Dwightmare: My Take

The sky is painted with blood in the bizarro world of the Orlando Magic

Over the past year, we’ve all formed our opinions about Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard. If you’re an NBA fan you think of Dwight Howard as a kind-hearted, emotional individual or you think of him as a back-stabbing, two timing, selfish prick. Hell, possibly somewhere even in between. Its more than likely that you think of him as being somewhere in between.

Regardless, we’ve all been annoyed by his situation with the Orlando Magic that people are now calling the “Dwightmare”. This narrative fits somewhere along the lines of “Melodrama” and “The Decision”. Just insanity in its purest form.

I love the game of basketball, and I love the NBA; it has more drama in it than a daily soap opera, though. No doubt its very irritating to constantly hear about who should go where and who should team up with who. There have been guys, e.g Russell Westbrook, that have been rumored to want out and ended up signing extensions for multiple years. The speculation with the games main superstars have led to the rumor mill churning with the heads of guys who aren’t even eligible to be free agents until two years from now. Not to mention under a completely different salary cap system with a much more punitive luxury tax.

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Indecision Does Not Compare to The Decision

Dwight Howard is not Lebron James. Not even close.

Has everyone already forgotten the magnitude of the decision? Dwight Howard’s cat and mouse game has baffled us all but it doesn’t come close to reaching the 9.0 on the Richter scale that Lebron’s decision did. Lebron James shook the entire world and changed the entire landscape of the NBA. Dwight Howard is mildly disrupting it.

What is almost as mind-boggling as Dwight Howard’s Mitt Romney-like flip-flopping, is the amount of analysts who are equating this indecision, and even putting it above, “The Decision.” Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated says D-12 will be “every bit the villain Lebron James was in Cleveland” if he stays with Orlando for remainder of the season and signs elsewhere as a free agent.

Absolute nonsense.

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Fantasy Basketball at its Finest

It’s Monday. That’s the time for us to get back to our normal lives. Some of us have classes, some of us have dull meetings at work that we must get to. Monday is usually all about getting back into the groove of your weekly duties. Especially after having a mind-blowing weekend. People usually have an abhorrence for Mondays–this is ten fold for me after All Star weekend.

This is the best weekend in sports to me. All Star festivities are amazing–if you’ve ever been you would know. I went in 2001 when the All Star game was in D.C. That’s when my passion for basketball really started to kindle. My father took me downtown and we had a blast. It was probably the best time of my life in my early childhood. I was only 9 years old at the time and I wanted to be the next Michael Jordan. We all know that’s not happening, but I’m grateful that the sport sparked my passion to be a thinker and a writer.

There is no better picture in sports than all of the best NBA players collaborating on one floor. It keeps the fans integrated into the process–to a fault at times–and makes us love the game even more. In recent years the dunk contest has been a failure, but people will still tune in because of the tradition. These things have so much meaning to basketball fans everywhere. The three point competition, the skills challenge recently, the dunk contest, the rookie/soph game–now the Rising Stars Challenge–epitomize what the fans want to see.

That weekend is more than a break, its a time where we can step back and look at how far the game has come. We can step away from the business part and look at the history of the game. We did that especially this weekend–there were some moments that were big in All Star game history. You had Kobe playing in his 14th all-star game–which isn’t a record but is astounding. Kevin Durant and LeBron James pushed almost broke Wilt Chamberlains scoring record of 42 points. Each man was six points away. Bryant had eclipsed Michael Jordan in scoring points in an all-star game, Chase Budinger recreated Cedric Ceballos’ blindfolded dunk, and this was the 20th anniversary of Magic Johnson’s return from his HIV virus.

This is the only time we’ll be able to see Russell Westbrook thrive as a shooting guard slashing to the rim. Steve Nash gave him a pin point laser pass that was about 60 feet across the floor. LeBron James won the dunk contest last night all the while going 6-7 from three-point range. By the way, Andre Iguodala placed a close second. Westbrook could’ve received honorable mention, but John Wall had been doing too much work on the rim the previous nights before.

This is the only time we’ll be able to see Rajon Rondo running with athletes. Possibly the only time for the rest of the year we’ll be able to see a few Boston Celtics involved in a game that goes over 96 points. Rondo gave LeBron James an awesome feed for an alley-oop from a little bit above the half court line. Chris Bosh received a few excellent feeds from Rondo too.

By the way, Boston and Miami working together is something else.

Blake Griffin murdered the rim with his powerful dunks. I didn’t believe that man could jump that high, but his head was well above the rim. He probably could’ve taken a bite out of it on all of his dunks. I lost count at about 5 but if I had to guess it would be around 8.

Dwight Howard–after playing a wonderful host all weekend–was dunked on about 3 times in a row. We’ll never see that again.

Kevin Durant was given the MVP after a 36 point outing. He deserved the award–I was proud of Durant because of him being from my area. I connect with him the most because I know some of the struggles that he has gone through. I have been through some of them and I know people who have gone through similar things. When saying that winning that MVP was a childhood dream he meant it; I’m glad he’ll be able to bring that home.

These games just make us wonder what it would be like to get all of these guys on the same team. They have no chemistry together, but yet they already know each other’s tendencies. What if Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, and LeBron James all played on the same team? What if Rondo had some elite athletes around him? What if Russell Westbrook played the shooting guard position with a point guard like Steve Nash or Chris Paul as his backcourt teammate?

Basketball is just so fun. There are things that these guys can do that no one else can. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

Here are some of my favorite moments of the weekend.

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