Jeremy Lin: Better Move For The Rockets Or The Knicks?

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The choice has been made by the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin is the newest member of the Houston Rockets. But was this the correct move for the Knicks? What does this mean for the future of the Houston Rockets?

In New York, it was thought that the signing of veteran point guard Jason Kidd meant that the Knicks were bringing in a veteran presence to mentor Lin. After all, the Knicks said they would match any offer that was made to Lin by any team. Maybe they thought that this declaration would be one that would keep teams away from him. Well, there was one team that wanted Lin and wanted him at any cost. The Houston Rockets stepped in and offered him a three-year, twenty-five million dollar deal. On the surface, that would seem like a deal that the Knicks would match, but as you look into the meat of the deal, the Rockets made it pretty hard for that to happen. The third year of the deal that the Rockets offered Lin had a price tag of $15 million.  If New York would have matched that, then they would have had Lin, center Tyson Chandler, forward Amar’e Stoudemire and forward Carmelo Anthony all signed to huge contracts in the third year of Lin’s deal. And that would have crippled that team and made it almost impossible to build a team around them. The Knicks made the smart move for a change and let Lin walk. And in addition to that, they brought back former Knick point guard Raymond Felton on a three-year, ten million dollar deal. These point guards may not bring the level of excitement that Lin did, but both are professional and are more proven point guards than Lin is at this point.

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 In Houston, there wasn’t very much excitement about the Rockets. The Rockets had to do something this off-season to bring some excitement to the team. They tried to get Dwight Howard and, like other teams, have been unsuccessful. They threw an offer sheet out to Bulls backup center Omer Asik, but that wasn’t neccessarily a move that brought energy to the city either. They needed someone who would bring some attention to them and also who they believed could be one of the faces of their franchise. Enter Jeremy Lin. The Rockets, with the aid of former Rockets center Yao Ming, helped land what they think will be one of the faces of their team.  To be honest, I think that the Rockets overpaid for Lin. Sure, he showed flashes of brilliance, but he also showed that he has some tremendous holes on the defensive end of the court. But for what he lacks defensively, he more than makes up for offensively. In the small sampling that we got of Lin, he showed a unique ability running the pick-and-roll and he also seemed to show up in the clutch when his team needed him. Lin also brings the Rockets an international fan base that the Rockets lost when Ming retired due to injuries.

On the surface, this move looks like a win-win for both teams. The Houston Rockets put their future on his shoulders. The Knicks chose to go in a different direction. But in the end, whoever gets the better of this will all depend on the play of Jeremy Lin.

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Who do you think got the better of this deal? The Knicks or the Rockets?

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12 responses to “Jeremy Lin: Better Move For The Rockets Or The Knicks?

  1. Better for Rockets. They’ve been irrelevant since Yao left, and Lin brings some relevancy to them.

  2. I never understood why anybody would put big money into a guy who may very well be a “circus freak.” Face it, nobody drafted this guy, two teams released him, he only gets on the court with the Knicks because of injuries, and the 25-game period known as “Lin-sanity” ends with a knee injury. If there were a better definition of “unproven,” I’d like to see it.

  3. shamiek

    I think the move is good for both. Knicks have a win now, defensive minded team that will allow Melo to dominate the ball. Lin has some things to improve on and he will be given a chance to do that in Houston with lower expectations.

    • Lin will have even more on his plate, so he will either star or flounder. As far as the Knicks and being more defensive-minded, that depends on two people: Melo and Amar’e.

  4. I’m sorry, Lin is not worth the $14.8 million in the last year of his deal. He is not Chris Paul folks!

  5. This week, Jimmy Fallon Tweeted “The Knicks let Jeremy Lin go to the Houston Rockets. If that weren’t bad enough – they had Jason Kidd drive him to the airport.”

    Had to share.

  6. Lee Love

    From the business perspective it was a good move by the Knicks…we’ll see just how far Linsanity goes in Houston, if he is a star then he made the right choice, if he isn’t a star he still made the right choice as far as getting paid goes. I enjoyed the whole Linsanity experience for the short time it was in play, but in the long run Knicks did the right thing.

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