5 reasons hockey is the greatest sport in the known galaxy.

lebron-campbell#5- Absurd toughness. The current best player in the NBA is Lebron. In the NHL its Sid.

Lebron got carried off the court (CARRIED!) because of a leg cramp.

Sid played three weeks after having his jaw shattered like a Lego house.

But that’s nothing compared to Gregory Campbell (broken Leg) Andrew Shaw (Broken Orbital bone) Brenden Morrow (split kneecap) and Brian Bickell (you name it, it was broken/strained/pulled/bruised.). Those guys had injuries that would put most people in the hospital and didn’t miss a single shift, much let themselves be carried off the ice. In hockey that kind of effort and sacrifice is expected.

The only league that has the toughness and grit of hockey is the NFL…speaking of which.

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