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2013 NFL Draft :Unnecesary Mock Draft #12,402,387 Ver. 1.1

Well, I had assumed SF would get more than a few second round picks for Smith, if only because this years crop of QB’s is so shallow that they could command more than he might otherwise be worth. But good on SF to re-coup some of the lost value from their selection of Alex Smith 7 years ago.

Aside from that trade, this draft is turning into one big murky pool. Its not that its shallow per-say (except at the QB position of course) but that it’s all shades of gray. Some things of interest looking across this years group of rookies.

    • The more things change, the more they stay the same. Almost any mock draft you could find on the internet has 3 of the top 5 picks playing on the line of scrimmage. Mine has the first four players off the board as lineman, and 11 of the top 20. In 2012 the fourth lineman didn’t come off the board until pick 14, and only 7 lineman went in the top 20. Similar number in 2011 when the fourth lineman didn’t go until pick13 and only 9 of the first 20. The more and more the game evolves into a finesse passing league, the more it reverts back to old-school philosophies. The team that controls the line of scrimmage will win more than it loses.

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SBM Exclusive Feature: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 23


This one is for our fellow blogger and long-suffering Orlando Magic fan Chris Humpherys. Just today, he did an excellent piece on the Van Gundy brothers, and I thought why not point out that former Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy looks an awful lot like porn legend Ron Jeremy.


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In other news: Nobody cares.

The biggest news coming out of the combine the last few days hasn’t been about who ran what 40-time, or which rookie is drawing the most praise/criticism, but the rumored questions being asked the leagues finest prospects.

Reports by, a division of NBC sports, published an online article which covered the way and manner in which teams are tip-toeing around the issue:

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Are you married?”

“Do you like girls?”

The answers to those questions could be found just by checking their Facebook page. So these teams are obviously trying to get at something deeper. Addendum to the recent CBA prohibit teams from using sexual orientation for hiring purposes, which would make asking it outright a violation of league rules, as well as violation of federal law. But like most things, the NFL is not your average business. The issue of homosexuality is really not much different than the issue of race that existed 60+ years ago. The same stupid questions are being asked. “Where will they shower?…Will they change in the same room?”  This is of course based on the assumption that every gay man in existence is automatically attracted to every other man in existence. Which is every bit as absurd as suggesting that every straight man is attracted to every female. I’m sure a gay man would have the same reaction to a naked, sweaty and hairy 350 lb football player as everyone else. Male or female, straight or otherwise.

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No, those words never came out of Pete Rozelle’s mouth, but you must remember that 1975 was a very different time. Bell bottoms were still in fashion. Gas cost about 40 cents a gallon. And the internet didn’t exist yet to explode rumors into news reports. Otherwise, more people would have known about the time the Washington Redskins were so desperate for help they called the WWE to inquire about the availability of a guy named André René Roussimoff.

You probably know him better as Andre the Giant.

Let that sink in if you will…a 7′ 4″, 520 pound football player. Just imagine the possibilities.

That’s what then-director of player personnel for the Washington Redskins Tim Temerario was thinking that fateful day in 1975 when he called the offices of the World Wrestling Federation now (World Wrestling Entertainment), to inquire about the gargantuan grappler.

At nearly seven and a half…

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SBM Exclusive Feature: Sports Doppelgangers, Volume 22

tim lincecum joseph gordon levitt 3rd rock from the sunSince Spring Training is well under way, it’s time for some baseball look-alikes. Today’s installment gives us two versions of two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.  First, there’s pre-haircut “Stoner” Timmy and actor Joseph Gordon Levitt.

tim lincecum rachel maddowPart two gives us post-haircut Timmy and MSNBC’s liberal, lesbian version of a Rush Limbaugh-esque pompous gasbag, Rachel Maddow.




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The Daily Sports Obsession

Polls of the Day is back! The ESPN SportsNation polls of the day, analyzed and voted on by yours truly. Let’s do it!

  • Will the Patriots win a Super Bowl over the course of Tom Brady’s new contract (through 2017)?
  • Choices: Yes, No
  • My Vote: Yes
  • Have the Patriots had a rough go in the playoffs since 2004? Yes. They lost two Super Bowls and two Conference titles since then. But the only year they missed the playoffs in the Brady era was when Brady was out the entire 2008 season and Matt Cassel took over. Even that year, they were 11-5, barely losing out on a ticket to the postseason. As long as they have Tom Brady, they will be there in the playoffs and probably in the AFC Championship. Other AFC East fans are dreading that he’s going to be a Patriot through 2017, that means five more seasons…

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More than just a game, but less than a war.

There’s a certain amount of insanity that is intimately interwoven into the American sports experience. It’s the part of our obsession that drives us to not only spend a frightening amount of time thinking, talking and viewing it, but the part of our subconscious that convinces us to set cars on fire after the final event.

And that’s if our team WINS!

And at times it’s not even enough that our team wins, but that others must lose. I’ve realized over the last few weeks I am more angry and bitter about the Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl than I was happy and proud when the Steelers won in 2005 or 2008. Someone asked me the other day if I would rather have the Steelers win the Superbowl or the Ravens go 0-16. I replied that if it meant the Ravens go 0-16, get relocated to Swamp Knee, Alabama and the entire city of Baltimore gets shit on/heartbroken the same way Cleveland did when that miserable whore of a franchise skipped town, I would gladly fore-go the last two Super Bowls and any possibility of another for the next decade.

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