2013 NFL Draft :Unnecesary Mock Draft #12,402,387 Ver. 1.0

After the first few days of the NFL combine I noticed some very intriguing things:

  1. The continued drop in quality Running Backs. Only a dozen managed to run a 40 time lower than 4.5. Now, I don’t place much value in a straight 40 time, not many of the best drafting teams over the years do, but RB’s are one of the few positions in which it is even worth paying attention to. (Can anyone tell me why they bother having Offensive lineman running a 40 yard dash?) This entire group looked like a collection of Maurice Jones-Drew and Ray Rice clones. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those two, but neither of those guys went in the first round. After the UN-spectacular performance these guys gave, coupled with most team’s  decreased utilization of the position in general, I wouldn’t be surprised if no RB’s went in the 1st round this year.

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One response to “2013 NFL Draft :Unnecesary Mock Draft #12,402,387 Ver. 1.0

  1. Did they need a calendar to time Manti Te’o?

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