In other news: Nobody cares.

The biggest news coming out of the combine the last few days hasn’t been about who ran what 40-time, or which rookie is drawing the most praise/criticism, but the rumored questions being asked the leagues finest prospects.

Reports by, a division of NBC sports, published an online article which covered the way and manner in which teams are tip-toeing around the issue:

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Are you married?”

“Do you like girls?”

The answers to those questions could be found just by checking their Facebook page. So these teams are obviously trying to get at something deeper. Addendum to the recent CBA prohibit teams from using sexual orientation for hiring purposes, which would make asking it outright a violation of league rules, as well as violation of federal law. But like most things, the NFL is not your average business. The issue of homosexuality is really not much different than the issue of race that existed 60+ years ago. The same stupid questions are being asked. “Where will they shower?…Will they change in the same room?”  This is of course based on the assumption that every gay man in existence is automatically attracted to every other man in existence. Which is every bit as absurd as suggesting that every straight man is attracted to every female. I’m sure a gay man would have the same reaction to a naked, sweaty and hairy 350 lb football player as everyone else. Male or female, straight or otherwise.

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