Sports Doppelgangers: Volume 59 – The Academy Awards Edition

Richard Petty Matthew McConaughey Dallas Buyers Club

While Ellen DeGeneres was crashing Twitter last night with “The Selfie of the Century,” we here at Sports Blog Movement were more taken with the eerie resemblance between NASCAR legend Richard Petty and Matthew McConaughey’s character from “Dallas Buyer’s Club” which netted him the Oscar for Best Actor.

That wasn’t the only sports-related fun from last night’s Academy Awards.  Many people don’t know that Chicago White Sox’ slugger Adam Dunn was not only an extra in “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” but he put up some of the money to make the picture.

robin ventura liza minnelli

Speaking of the White Sox, the best non-selfie part of the night night may have been when Ellen DeGeneres pissed off Liza Minnelli by mistaking her for a female impersonator. This only led us to believe that Liza in her pre-op post-op inexplicable condition could pass for one of those computer-generated  simulations of what White Sox manager Robin Ventura would look like if he went all “La Cage Aux Folles” on us.



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3 responses to “Sports Doppelgangers: Volume 59 – The Academy Awards Edition

  1. Fuck Liza Minelli. How did she even get tickets to the Oscars in 2014 anyway? Can you name anybody in the industry that’s less relevant than Liza Minelli? AIDS to her face.

    And by the way, if I didn’t know who that herpes infected plastic surgery disaster was upon meeting her, I’d say “tranny” before “not a tranny”.


  2. Alright, I’ll say it.

    Liza Minelli looks like Nolan Ryan beat her up.

    I can’t believe nobody has come up with that yet.

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