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NFL Draft: Round 1 recap

The 2013 NFL draft was probably one of the most interesting drafts I have seen in recent memory. Many people seem to think it was boring because of the lack of star power or big names due to the large number of defensive and offensive lineman taken. For some reason many football fans think these players aren’t as exciting as “skill position” players. But then most people don’t know a damn thing about football, either.

(Side Note: People who use the term “skill position” should be kicked in the dick. Repeatedly. If you are so naïve to believe that playing offensive tackle is somehow less skilled than running back or wide receiver, than you are a complete moron and really shouldn’t be talking about football out loud. What people really mean when they say “skill position” is “Players that get my fantasy team points”. But by all means, tell Justin Smith it doesn’t take any skill to play his position. I dare you.)

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