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SBM Exclusive Feature: The BLAST-CAST – Volume 5: Finally, Four Far-Out Facts About The Final Four

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Now that the NCAA Basketball Tournament is down to the Final Four,  Ryan Meehan from East End Philadelphia and J-Dub from Dubsism have taken it upon themselves to educate you, the podcast-listening, blog-reading public as to some things about each school left standing which while 100% true are not the sort of facts you would not normally associate with basketball.  However, these facts are important, if for no other reason they lead to the off-brand, yet insightful sports rantings the four of you who follow this podcast have come to expect.

Click here to listen to or download the Blast-Cast (MP3 format)…this is a “must-hear” if you want to savor at least a chuckle out of your clearly-busted bracket. 



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Thoughts of the Day 4/4/2013

The Daily Sports Obsession

The last few days of sports have given a lot of fodder for water cooler discussion across the sports world, and there are a mix of good and bad topics to talk about. Time to tackle them all, Thoughts of the Day starts now!

  • The Mike Rice situation at Rutgers is one of the saddest and most pathetic I have ever seen. It’s never acceptable to make physical contact with kids the way Rice did, it’s never acceptable to use homophobic slurs when addressing them after they mess up like Rice did, and it’s never acceptable to launch basketballs at them like a completely uncivilized human being. The tape released by Outside the Lines is shocking and barbaric, and it’s offensive to those just watching it. Today assistant coach Jimmy Martelli was also shown in video clips shoving players as well and also using the same homophobic slur as Rice. The most ridiculous part to this scandal is the fact that this tape…

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Coach’s Rant Bracket: The Enraged Eight


The field of rants has been whittled down to eight. Last round saw two upsets (if you can call them that); with two 3-seeds taking down 2-seeds. Mike Ditka and Denny Green defeated Les Miles and Kevin Borseth respectively. So far all 1-seeds are still alive. All the remaining rants are a 3-seed or higher. Looks like the selection committee got the seeds right (Get with the program, NCAA).

I will be giving you a breakdown of each Enraged Eight match-up by rating each rant on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) based on four factors: vulgarity, anger, funniness and overall message.

Check out each match-up below. Vote early and often to be sure that the best four rants move on to the semi-finals.

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