Ed Reed 3

There will be plenty of hype surrounding the Harbaugh brothers and Ray Lewis leading up to Super Bowl XLVII. And why not.

Jim and John Harbaugh are great stories from an individual standpoint. That they came from the same bloodline and that they will be on opposite sidelines in the biggest game is perhaps the best storyline the Super Bowl has ever seen.

Ray Lewis, whether you love him or loathe him, is one of the greatest middle linebackers in NFL history and is a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee. Lewis will be playing in his final game on Super Bowl Sunday, and would love to go out a winner.

But the one story that isn’t being mentioned, but should be told is the story of Ed Reed. The 11 year safety of the Baltimore Ravens, will be playing in his first Super Bowl, after years of coming so…

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  1. I’m so glad somebody finally pointed this out over all the noise Ray Lewis gets. Whenever somebody says to me “Ray Lewis got a bad deal” I want to ask them “as opposed to who? The dead??

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