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The late Wayman Tisdale was one of my favorite Kings players as a kid. (Photo by: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

There have been 63 professional sports teams (4 major leagues) that have moved from one city to another for greener pastures for many reasons. The NBA has had more franchises move than the other three leagues, 22 NBA teams have left a city in the dust and not looked back.

To most people’s surprise the Kings franchise is one of the oldest franchises in NBA history dating back to 1945 before the NBA was a league, the Rochester Royals joined the NBA in 1948. So the Kings being this old, as the country has grown the Kings franchise moved as well and is one of the most moved franchises in all of sports (Roch./Cinn./K.C./Sac.) and they almost moved again to no doubt be the most moved professional franchise in all of North American sports.

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The Circus around the NBA All-Star Game, NFL and MLB as well!

My mild version of a weekly rant!

I wanted to do a post after the wonderful NFL pro bowl game that we had but I decided to hold off and save my energy for a later date. I wish you could hear the sarcasm in my voice, that was one of the worst pro bowls/all-star games ever, what an embarrassment for the NFL, luckily for them it’s after the season.

After watch this year’s NBA All-Star game and the somewhat sub-par events surrounding the over hyped party this past weekend with performances by Chris Brown and Pitbull it makes we wonder, are these so called best of the best events even needed and necessary?

In baseball a few years back the game was tied and going way deep into extra innings and players and pitchers were getting worn out, players were pitching that weren’t even pitchers, talk was going back and forth during the game about calling the game. But as we all know the MLB All-Star has the World Series home field on the line that in itself is another debate that most people don’t agree with.

The NBA All-Star game has no offense and is weak example of a pick-up game at your local downtown park.
The slam dunk contest has turned into who has the best prop, not so much who has the best dunk. The dunk started out as a play that is allowed during a real NBA game that is a flashy way. So why not put these exiting plays into a contest, but as time has went by its turned into a fake example of what can really be done in a game.

Now the talk is about how they can get big NBA stars in the dunk contest, like paying them.
It just really all seems silly to me, just a little!

The older I’m getting the less I even care about these events and All-Star circus.
They should just have the All-Stars picked and each one given a trophy and enjoy the break with some rest so they can get well for the second half f the season, the thing that really matters.

But the bottom line is there is a lot of money in these events and the reality is their not going away because the leagues make too much money hold these water downed, getting old sporting events.

But just because they hold them doesn’t mean we have to watch them. Now I do understand that if your favorite team has a player in these circus games you want to tune in.

But even still if you’re a Suns fan and you tune and care for the 19 minutes that Steve Nash plays what’s the point.

Bottom line is more about hype and in the end nothing rather than substance!
I do know that there are a lot of people who like and want these All-Star games but as a whole for you younger folks, there just not what they use to be.

What do you think? Let us hear it!

I feel a little better now, my rant was a lot louder after the NFL pro bowl game, but I lost some steam for a complete blow up!

-Bobby Charts


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Isaiah Thomas the 60th pick in the NBA draft!

Isaiah Thomas is a Sacramento fan favorite. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Isaiah Thomas sat there wondering, is it really possible that I might not be picked by anybody? I played great in college, I played strong and hard. Isaiah Thomas was trying to come out of college as a junior, he must have been wondering what was going to happen now?

Could I really not get my name called, in the draft!

This point guard that stands at 5 foot 9 (with shoes on) and weighs 185 pounds was one of the best point guards to ever play at the University of Washington.

Isaiah Thomas Ranks 6th on all-time UW list with 1,721 points, 3rd with 415 assists, eighth with 122 steals and third with 164 three-point field goals.

Isaiah Thomas Had 213 assists as a junior, the second most in UW single-season history, trailing only Will Conroy who had 219 in 2005.

Then it happened David Stern walked up to the podium and said, “With the 30th pick, in the second round of the 2011 NBA draft the Sacramento Kings have selected Isaiah Thomas out of the University of Washington”.

The rush that must have went through Isaiah’s body was off the charts, He made it, he was on a NBA team, the Sacramento Kings.

Isaiah in his junior year for Washington averaged 16.8 points per game, 6.0 assists per game and 3.5 rebounds (did I say he is 5’9”), and got over 1 steal a game.

I have heard Isaiah Thomas say many times in interviews, “the only thing I have is my heart and my effort”. Also that he holds a little grug that he feels strongly that he should have been picked a lot higher than he was, but he loves the Sacramento Kings!

So this little man, is on a mission and has a heart bigger than most players in the NBA and has a lot more effort than most players in the NBA.

Just what the Sacramento Kings need!

Think for a minute about this roller coaster he has been on, after being draft the reality sets in that the NBA is in a lock-out, then when on the brink of most likely no season, a deal gets done, yeah!

Then after getting use to his new team and new coach, there is a change, Keith Smart replaces Paul Westphal.

As it looks for now things are going better for the Kings and it was a good move, the Kings look a lot better, wins will come later but for now their playing better.

Hey I’m happy to be in the NBA no doubt, but I want more… coach or not, I want more!

I want to help my team, and I know I can!

This is no doubt what Isaiah Thomas is and was thinking, you only have to watch one interview with this great kid to know whats always on his mind. Trying your hardest and helping your team!

So Isaiah was in and out of lineups earlier this year and things were up and down a bit.

But Isaiah Thomas was turning into a huge fan favorite because of his crazy energy off the bench and his play changed the game, the pace, the effort and the plays were coming together.

This is the type of guy that the Sacramento Kings fans love, an under dog guy and a guy with heart like our city!


To my surprise and other Kings fans (but happy as all gettup) Friday night about 1 hour before the start of the Kings game in Detroit, Coach Smart said he was going to be starting Isaiah Thomas over John Salmons and moving Tyreke Evans to the small forward spot.

People were pumped on twitter.

In the first quarter of the Pistons game Isaiah Thomas scored 10 points and lead the Kings to a 31-24 lead after one quarter. Things looked awesome and Thomas looked like a 4 year veteran.

The Kings ended up losing late and it was a heart breaker, Isaiah Thomas ended the game with 13 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists and 1 steal in his first start, but in only 23 minutes.

Tonight in Cleveland Isaiah Thomas got his second start of his NBA career with a lot more minutes (recall the 60th pick in the draft) and man did the Kings get a steal in this guy, we as Kings fans have known this for a month or so now, but really after tonight this young kid is one to fall in love with.

His energy and effort completely over shadow his small size on the NBA court, where players roam at 6′ 6” plus easily.

Tonight Thomas had ally oops like Chris Paul, bounce passes like Steve Nash and rebounds like Kobe Bryant.

I know it was the Cavs but he has done this against all teams this year, he has just had a lot less time on the court.

Isaiah Thomas ended the game tonight with 23 points, 11 assists and 8 rebounds (almost a triple double), people he had highlight after highlight. If this kid actually pans out the Kings are close than even I thought at being good.

Like maybe next year, (.500 ball).

I’ve been waiting to do a post my this great young Kings player, but now is the time and this kid is one to watch and keep your eyes on folks.

Players fall into teams laps all the time, Isaiah Thomas was thankful the Kings picked him last and the Kings are thankful to have Isaiah Thomas.

–Bobby Charts!


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LeBron James is a nut case!

LeBron is in this box being shipped to Iceland!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the next chapter of “LeBron the Nut Case”. I really thought after the whole “Decision” that stupid moron comments and thoughts from the “prince” would stop and he would have learned his lesson, well i was wrong!

I’m driving home from work last night and I hear on the radio that LeBron is coming out and saying that he would have no problem coming back to Cleveland and playing and would hope that if he did, the fans would welcome him back.

What the in the world, are you on drugs?

LeBron is more screwed up than I thought! This freaking guy is complete out of touch with reality, If I was a Miami Heat fan I would be a little pissed, after seeing this guy flop last year again in the NBA Playoffs,(this time in Finals) hearing him coming out with these latest words I would wonder if this guy is even focused on winning a title.

This is what separates LeBron from Kobe, just ask Mike Brown, who has coached both. He said a month back it’s not even close to who tries harder and cares more.

If I was a Cleveland Cavs fan, I would never want this guy back basically because he is a clown and even more he left the strong-willed home country wife for the fake boob job, skinny girl who was 23 and now after a year or two wants to go back to the home grown country wife.


Wait, LeBron you mean you thought you win a championship in the first year and now that it didn’t happen you mind is already leaving Miami?

This is simply amazing, se what money and fame do to some people, LeBron be careful ask Allen Iverson (whom I like) money can be lost, and someday you might have nothing, try working on your integrity first and then second work on winning a championship, not where you wnat to bounce around, from team to team.

I’m going to stop now.

What do you think?

–Bobby Charts!


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Black Out Thursday!


These are the black towels “Defend you Honor” on the seats as we speak for tonights game!

Tonight at Power Balance Pavilion the Sacramento Kings (9-16) host the best team in NBA, the OKC Thunder (20-5).

Tonight for those that tune in to TNT at 7:30pm PT, you are going to see hands down why the Sacramento Kings fans are one if not the best fans not only in the NBA but in all of sports.

As I say that I truly understand that there is a lot of teams that have very faithful fans, but this Kings team the last three years has won 17, 25 and last year 24 games.

Folks that is terrible, there is NO way any other team in the NBA would even attempt to do what the Kings organization is doing tonight, it would look silly!


The Kings are giving out black towels and a lot of people are going to be wearing black that are going to the game. The Kings players themselves are going to be wearing their new this year black road jerseys for the game.

The city of Sacramento is in the mists of pulling off the unthinkable and that is a small market city saving their team, folks it has never happened!

TNT even knows how the scene is going to be, TNT has Chris Webber doing the play by play tonight court side for TNT. It’s going to be a no brainer but CWEBB is going to get one of the biggest standing ovations he has seen since the Kings retired his #4 jersey a few years back.

Past Kings players have been involved in this effort of fighting for the city and their old team, its big, these past players had their best careers and they say hands down their best time in the NBA was when they played for the Kings.

Tonight could not be accomplished in any other arena in the NBA, you cannot tell people to come out and show the country that they support their team no matter what!

What my city is going to do tonight is show the NBA world that Sacramento and the Kings are like the Lakers and Los Angeles or the Knicks and the city of New York.

Do you really think Atlanta, Minnesota, Clippers of the past, New jersey, Houston, the list goes on of city’s that could not get this to happen, what is going to happen tonight at PBP formerly the great Arco Arena!

NOPE, NEVER in a million years.

These city’s like most only want to go to games when their team is good and going to make the playoffs.
Not Sacramento and Kings fans, we relish the chance to show our pride in our sports team and show people and the NBA that the Kings not in Sacramento would be a serious blow to the league, trust me the NBA knows this, it’s not like the Grizzlies leaving Vancouver.

I understand a lot of you are not Kings fans and could care less, but I strongly recommend you to tune into TNT tonight at 10:30 pm ET and watch the Kings fans and their team that we love in action verse the young and powerful OKC Thunder.

Today Kings players are even fired up on Twitter because they know what it’s going to be like tonight, and if case you missed it we have not won over 25 games in three years!


The Kings players are going to play out of their mind tonight with the crowd and the refs are going to favor the Kings no doubt.

Folks, NBA fans enjoy tonight’s game; it’s going to be a treat for anyone to watch.

Yes I will be there!

Till next time, Bobby Charts!

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Kobe Bryant moves into top 5 in NBA all time scoring

Kobe Bryant is always thinking about being the best ever. (AP Photo/Kim Johnson Flodin)

Kobe Bryant last night in Philadelphia passed his former teammate Shaqulle O’Neal for fifth place in all time scoring in NBA history.

Kobe scored 28 points in a losing effort verse the Sixers. Kobe has 28,601 all time points and next in line is Wilt Chamberlin with 31,419.

The top three in all time points is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 38,387, Karl Molane 36,928 and in third is Michael Jordan with 32,292.

Kobe is leading the league in scoring this year with an average of 29.3 points per game.

This is a great accomplishment by Kobe Bryant with his 5 Championship and to now be in the top 5 in all time scoring and looking like he has no doubt a few good years left Kobe is going to be pushing and knocking at the door of the Wilt Chamberlin and Michael Jordan.

Kobe Bryant has scored over 40 points in a game 111 times which is third in NBA history behind Wilt (271 times) and Michael Jordan (173 times). Kobe Bryant has 6 games were he has scored 60 points or more and 25 games were he has scored 50 points or more.

Kobe Bryant in 2003 had 9 straight games were he scored 40 points or more which tied Michael Jordan for second in NBA history which had the same number in 1986-87.

Kobe Bryant has the second highest scoring game in NBA history with a 81 point game, which came in 2006 at home verse the Raptors.

In 2007 Kobe Bryant had four straight games where he scored 50 points or more.

We no doubt have in our mist a true NBA legend who is going to go down as one of the best players to ever play the game.

Video: Kobe’s 81 point game

–Bobby Charts!

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Home cooking for the NBA!

We all love a good home cooked meal! (MuppetWiki)

The NBA always has the highest winning percentage at home of the 4 major sports. I recall ESPN did a clip years ago on which sports where the hardest to win on the road, and it was as follows,
  1. NBA
  2. NFL
  3. NHL
  4. MLB

Mainly because in the NBA the crowd is so close to the playing court and in the NBA the more aggressive team gets the calls and usually that’s the home team. The NFL is a hard place to win on the road but with a lot less road games played made it really tough to catch the NBA. The NHL and MLB all had to do a lot with the goalie and the pitcher, home ice or field was not as important.

Back to the NBA now, with the crazy season and games being jam pack into a small amount of time, the NBA teams are getting less time to practice and some teams still right now are still learning new systems and teammates, making home court even more important than before.

Right now there are only 6 teams in the NBA over .500 on the road, and in the West there is only 2 teams over .500 on the road.

the six teams are:

  1. Bulls (8-3)
  2. OKC (7-2)
  3. Pacers (7-3)
  4. Nuggets (7-3)
  5. Heat (6-3)
  6. Magic (6-3)

Check this out, you have teams like the Spurs that are 10-1 at home and 2-6 on the road, simply crazy!

The Lakers are 10-2 at home and on the road they are 1-6.

There are 8 teams in the NBA that have only won 2 games or less on the road so far this season, 8 teams!

This is a lot higher than a normal season so its going to be interesting to see how this pans out. So if you’re a favorite NBA team has a road game and they win, it’s a big deal!

Last year at season’s end (2010-11) only 8 teams ended with a record above .500, while 24 teams had a .500 record or better at home.

Last year the biggest difference was in the Washington Wizards record, they were 20-21 at home but a very weak 3-38 on the road.

What do you think?

Will this trend go on all year? How do you think this will pan out in the playoffs?

Bobby Charts


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