Donald Sterling Continues To Prove That He Is A Terrible Human Being, NBA Team Owner

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has often been accused of being a racist — thanks to sworn testimony and affidavits — but until recently, there wasn’t a whole lot of audio/visual proof of it. But on April 25th, TMZ released a audio recording that is allegedly Sterling going on a nine minute diatribe about black people to his girlfriend. This alleged proof of Sterling’s racist activities is going to prove a major test for NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

According to the TMZ article, Sterling went off on his girlfriend because she posted a picture to Instagram where she is hanging out with an African-American in LA. The article has him complaining about how she was associating with him, and was putting that picture out where everyone can see it (she has since taken the photo down). Sterling is even quoted as telling her to not take black people to his games, including Magic Johnson — a NBA Hall of Famer and HIV/AIDS patient.

This isn’t the first time that Sterling has been accused of racism, as he has faced several lawsuits regarding comments regarding tenants at some of the housing complexes he owns. But this is the first time there is alleged proof of the racist comments and actions. And that means that the NBA actually has to deal with this allegation (*cough..cough* investigate it *cough…cough*) instead of ignoring it like the other ones. Continue Reading->



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6 responses to “Donald Sterling Continues To Prove That He Is A Terrible Human Being, NBA Team Owner

  1. Here’s the dirty little secret nobody wants to admit. I’ve been writing about what an asshole Donald Sterling is for years, and there’s a reason nothing is going to come of this. It is very difficult and expensive to get rid of an owner, and taking any such action against Sterling is almost assuredly going to end up in court. That will be an expensive battle nobody wants, which means Sterling will have to be complicit in anything that happens to him. What this all boils down to is while this will be a huge story, it won’t have a long life span because in about two weeks, America will find something else to be outraged about.

    Not to mention, if you think Donald Sterling is the only racist owner in professional sports, you’re kidding yourself. Sterling is simply the one dumb enough to keep exposing himself. Like it or not, racism is alive and well in America, and for all the blather coming out of the media over this, there are far too many people in America who agree with Sterling.

    • Neil Roberts

      Well, Sterling’s stupidity is really a problem in and of its self for the NBA.

      • Absolutely he is, but he’s also one they’ve tolerated for 30 years.

      • Neil Roberts

        You mean David Stern tolerated for 30-years. I have a feeling that Silver is going to change that, as well as make a set of rules for those who are looking to own an NBA franchise — you want to keep your team, this is how.

      • Wrong. I mean the NBA. This guy’s has been an issue for years, and if the other owners wanted something done, it would have happened. But, they also know that Sterling is a billionaire and had enough money to keep any effort to get rid of him stuck in court for years. In others words, the cost of dealing with the problem was up to now higher than the cost of the problem.

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