The Aftermath of Being Fleeced By Gonzaga: Three Steps To Recovery

Washington State University athletic director Bill Moos has become known as the savior of Cougar athletics, thanks to his hiring of Mike Leach and the facility improvements for football, but that reputation is rapidly coming under fire after thethree-year contract with Gonzaga was leaked. Most Cougar fans were not happy with losing a home game for an expected neutral site game, and now that it’s been confirmed that the game in the Spokane Arena is a home game for the Bulldogs (and therefore WSU will get exactly $0 for the game)…many Cougar faithful are irate.

It’s ridiculous that a Pac-12 school is submitting to a WCC school, and the fact that it’s one of the Cougs’ biggest basketball rivals is even more ridiculous. Especially when you realize that all Washington State is getting out of this is a promise of good seats for alum and being allowed to bring the spirit squad…no, I’m not kidding:

“I didn’t think we could close the deal and I thought we were in jeopardy of losing the rivalry,’ Moos said. ‘So I conceded, and I appreciated their dilemma. I conceded that with the stipulation that we could bring our spirit squads and band, and that we get some good tickets for our fans.”

In other words, Moos got fleeced by Gonzaga athletic director Mike Roth and men’s basketball coach Mark Few.

The fact that the Cougars got fleeced is quite agitating, and disappointing. Now Cougar faithful need to begin to move on from the pain…and we at Sports with Neil and friendshave a list of three things that can be done by Cougs everywhere to get over Gonzaga’s power play: Continue Reading->


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