Liverpool Tops City. Takes Control Of The Premier League


Coutinho celebrates goal

The biggest league game in Merseyside in the last 20 years, was nothing short of a classic. With the silver anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster two days away, Liverpool recorded a stirring 3-2 result over challengers Manchester City, to take a 7 point lead over the Sky Blues, and remain in top spot of the table of the English Premier League.

96 Wreath

Before the match started, Liverpool legends Kenny Daglish and Ian Rush were presented a wreath from Manchester City legends Mike Summerbee, Joe Corrigan and Tony Book that was shaped with the number 96, the amount of lives lost at Hillsborough. After a minute of silence, the crowd came to life and Liverpool fed off the passionate and rousing support from the Liverpool faithful.

Raheem Sterling goal

With Liverpool attacking the famed Kop end in the first half, Raheem Sterling found the back of the net in the sixth minute, making Vincent Kompany…

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