Rants From the Palouse: My Mariners Home Opener Streak Ends at 22

The Seattle Mariners are my hometown baseball team, they have been since the day I was born and they will continue to be until the day I die. No matter how many 101-loss heartbreaking seasons the M’s put me through, no matter how many times some no body pitcher throws a perfect game against it, this franchise will always be my hometown team. That’s just how it is when you grow up with a father who’s first baseball games were with a franchise that only existed for one year.

I wish I could tell you I remember my first baseball game, but I can’t…because I was merely four months old at the time. It was the Mariners’ home opener that year (April 16, 1993) — that season was also the second time in franchise history that the team finished with a .500 record — and I went to the next 22 home openers; without missing a beat, despite the fact that I go to school 300+ miles east of Seattle.

That all changes today as my streak will be coming to an end. This will be the first time in 22 years I’m not at Safeco Field when the Mariners come down the red carpet. I’ll be missing Robinson Cano’s Safeco Field, Mariners, debut; I’ll be missing James Paxton’s first start at Safeco in 2014…and I will be missing seeing Lloyd McClendon trot out Logan Morrison into right, until the seventh inning when he sends in Michael Saunders as a defensive replacement*

*stupid jokes are stupid

It sucks that I won’t be at the stadium for all of those moments, but I’ll still be watching. I’ll be at Valhalla running up a large tab from 10 minutes to first pitch, until I decide that I want to leave after the final out. Hopefully the M’s will continue to rock the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, because Angels fans are irritatingly dumb.

And here’s to hoping the M’s actually aren’t complete garbage in 2014. Because crappy baseball is hard to watch…even if it is your home town team.


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2 responses to “Rants From the Palouse: My Mariners Home Opener Streak Ends at 22

  1. I’m sure you were sorely missed.

    In fact, some reports show beer sales on opening day had dropped dramatically.

    At least now we know why.

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