Art Briles; Changing the Culture at Baylor

Since taking over, things have changed at Baylor under Art Briles

When Art Briles left Houston in 2007 to take over Baylor, everybody said it would be a mistake and career suicide, because nobody had been able to win successfully at Baylor since the 80′s. But Briles didn’t listen to the detractors and he took the Baylor job in 2008. While it wasn’t easy in the early go, he has since turned things around immensely and brought Baylor back into national prominence after a long hiatus, which some thought would never end. Under Art Briles, the Bears have had a run of four straight bowl games, winning back to back games for the first time in 25 years before their shocking loss at the hands of Central Florida in their first BCS game at the Fiesta Bowl. But the loss in the Fiesta Bowl hasn’t slowed down the momentum, because after winning their first outright conference title since 1980 this past year, a lot of Baylor fans are looking for back-to-back Big XII championships this season.

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  1. I think theres potential to win anywhere in Texas if you can recruit the players. Theres talent on every street corner down here.

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