SBM Exclusive: New Rules

New Rules Photo

For fans of Bill Maher and his HBO program Real Time with Bill Maher, you should be familiar with the New Rules concept he does at the end of each show. Maher does a terrific job at skewering politicians, pop culture and the general nonsense on this planet while getting good laughs in the process.  By no means am I as smart as Mr. Maher but I thought it would be novel to bring the concept of New Rules to the world of sport. Here’s some examples of what I think need to be New Rules in the world of sport.

New Rules: Part 8

New Rules: Part 7

New Rules: Part 6

New Rules: Part 5

New Rules: Part 4

New Rules: Part 3

New Rules: Part 2

New Rules: Part 1

Stay tuned…there’s more to come.


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