Are the Browns Better Off Than The Cowboys?

This seems like a silly question to ask since the Dallas Cowboys have been winning at least 8 games and seem to be keeping most of their front office and coaching staff intact. But think about it this way, the ownership in Cleveland is trying to find the winning combination and is passionate enough to try find that, even if it means changing coaches and general managers as often as some people cycle out underwear.

The Browns could easily be one or two solid moves away from hitting a winning combination, but at the same time, you could almost say that about the Cowboys. But in reality, the Cowboys have probably made one or two moves to keep themselves from falling into the abyss. The Cowboys almost feel like a team who is on the brink of getting worse, than getting better. Some of that probably has to do with all the salary cap trouble they are in.

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One response to “Are the Browns Better Off Than The Cowboys?

  1. I think you make a legitimate claim, especially in light if the salary cap trouble the Cowboys have as you mentioned. However, the one thing the Browns and the Cowboys share is a completely dysfunctional front office.

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