Thoughts on Ian Kinsler’s Comments

Ian Kinsler recently came out with some comments about John Daniels and the Texas Rangers, and they seem to have started a fire storm for Ian in the area. But then after the comments reach a national audience, he wants to say they were taken out of context and back off of them a little bit. Unfortunately for Ian, this isn’t going to happen. While his comments seemed a little harsh and probably not the best comments to make a point, I think if you take a deep look at what he said, then there may be some truth in what was said. Because we have heard similar things about the Rangers organization from other players who have left, namely Josh Hamilton, you have to start to think there is some truth. Even though Josh has become public enemy number one, Ian will probably fall to Public enemy number two after these comments.

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2 responses to “Thoughts on Ian Kinsler’s Comments

  1. Like you said, first it was Hamilton, now Kinsler. It makes me wonder what is going on behind closed doors.

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