Jason Garrett Not Going Anywhere

Jerry Jones came out during his time at the Combine and told a local beat reporter “He doesn’t see Jason Garrett going anywhere after this season”. Which should not be surprising to most fans because Garrett is the one hand picked coach Jerry wanted when he fired Wade Phillips. I think it is pretty common knowledge, Jerry wanted to hire Jason then, but went with a more experienced coach, so he didn’t get blasted by the fans and media for hiring a rookie head coach.

At least in Jerry’s mind, a few seasons under Wade gave Jason just what he needed to take over when the time was right. And in the early going it looked brilliant, but after three consecutive 8-8 seasons, fans are starting to sour on the Jason Garrett era. The 29-27 career record at Dallas doesn’t help either, because the fans are expecting a winning team sooner rather than later…

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3 responses to “Jason Garrett Not Going Anywhere

  1. As a Philadelphia Eagle fan, all I can say is God Bless Jerry Jones. I’m looking forward to at least another decade of Cowboy mediocrity 🙂

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