Top 10 Trades In NHL Trade Deadline History


NHL trade centre

The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching and rumours are running wild on who will be wearing new uniforms in a couple of days. While most rumours turn out to be false, (or wishful thinking) some do end up happening.

The trade deadline is a fascinating day as TSN devotes its entire day to breaking deals and interviewing the people involved in the trade. While most deals end up not amounting to much, some have either helped teams win the Stanley Cup, or hurt a franchise for many years. Here are the 10 biggest trades in trade deadline history.

1980: Los Angeles trades Butch Goring to New York Islanders for Dave Lewis and Billy Harris.

Butch Goring

The deal that begat a dynasty. Also the reason why trade deadline day has become the monster that it is. Every team wants to make the perfect deal to complete the final piece of the…

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