Rants From The Palouse: Being The Messenger Is Dangerous

Over the last couple of years, Chris Hansen’s plan to build an arena in the industrial district south of downtown Seattle has put me in a tough spot — as a fan, and a wanna be sports reporter. Arena Co. (owned by Hansen and Steve Ballmer) signed a binding contract with former Sacramento Kings owners, the Maloofs, last January; and that contest last through May, 2013.

You’d be surprised at the amount of hate mail and death threats a college blog, that averaged 27.3 views per day during that stretch, can receive. Both sides came after me with a passion during that situation, and it always made me laugh how to groups of people who wanted to maim each other over a basketball team agreed on one thing….that I was the worst person on the internet.

A year later, I’ve found my self is a similar situation; despite the fact that there is no current franchise up for grabs. 

The increasingly detailed rumors that the NHL is looking to expand to Seattle made it became clear to me that the league couldn’t be considering just expanding by one team — after all that would give them 15 teams in the Western Conference and 16 in the East, an odd number of teams — and that there was going to be a second expansion city.

So I wrote this post speculating on what city was going to be added with Seattle…and the Quebec City Nordique fans came out on Twitter:

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Quebec City Nordiques relocated to Denver following the conclusion of the 1994-95 season because of the falling value of the Canadian dollar when compared to the U.S dollar — the NHL carries out its transaction in U.S dollars, while the teams in Canada price everything with the Canadian one.

I’m not the one generating the NHL to Seattle expansion rumors, I’m just writing about them. And I get that that leaves me open to attack, but come on. Nordique’s fans are picking a fight with me because of the fact that their city was left out of the rumors until recently. Now that they are in on the expansion rumors, they might calm down…but I doubt it.

They feel slighted by the league and the rest of the sports world. After all they don’t have a hit documentary explaining how they lost their team — unlike the Sonics — that keeps the plight of Quebec City in the spot light.

So for those of you who bring unpopular news to a party, be prepared.

Because being the messenger is dangerous.


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2 responses to “Rants From The Palouse: Being The Messenger Is Dangerous

  1. Dude, death threats, nice.

    You’re movin’ up in the world.

    Might just wanna lock your doors though, just in case.

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