Five Cities That Should Be Permanent Hosts Of The Winter Olympics


Olympic Rings

The 2014 Winter Olympics ended only a week ago, and already the task is on to find a host city for the 2022 Winter Games. Pyeonchang, South Korea will host the 2018 Winter Olympics marking the first time South Korea will host an Olympics, since Seoul hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics. But hosting the games comes with great scrutiny. Just after hosting a successful Winter Olympics, Russian President Vladimir Putin took all the goodwill his country earned, and threw it in the garbage by declaring war on Ukraine after the pro-Russian prime minster of Ukraine was ousted by protesters.

While every country has skeletons in their closet, it is not up to the IOC to make things better in a nation that doesn’t want change. The IOC needs to remember that the Olympics are a sporting event, (to go along with a massive TV reality show on NBC) not a…

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