Comeback Watch

juanrinconThis offseason, more so than others in recent years, we’ve seen pitchers who haven’t taken the Major League mound in years, making legitimate comeback attempts. Today we learned about Juan Rincon’s case. As first reported by Jon Heyman of yesterday, Rincon might not be ready to hang the cleats up for good just yet:

The right-hander last pitched for the Rockies in June of 2010. He’s pitched in parts of ten different seasons, eight of them for the Twins. He has a 35-29 career record, with a 4.03 ERA. He has spent time in the Dodgers’ and Angels’ organizations since his release from the Rockies, but has not seen the Major League mound in nearly four years. Heyman has not elaborated as to which teams might be in the running for the righty reliever.

Tomo Ohka will pitch for the Blue Jays in today’s Spring Training game. The 37-year old Ohka hasn’t appeared in the big leagues tomoohkasince 2009, when he went 1-5 with a 5.96 ERA for the Indians. Ohka re-emerges this year as a knuckleballer, presumably studying under former Cy Young winner RA Dickey. After learning the new pitch in a matter of months, Ohka signed with the Jays in December after he impressed them in a workout. Ohka, who was unable to find a job in the Nippon League the past couple years, looked to be done with pro baseball until recently, when he discovered the Knuckler as an attempt to revitalize his career. His chances of emerging from Blue Jays camp on the big league roster seem slim at this point, but stranger things have happened. Best of luck to the Kyoto, Japan native for a Major League comeback!


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  1. Neil Roberts

    Is it bad that I had completely forgotten about Rincon and Ohka?

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