Sports with Neil Podcast: Our Interview with Steven Silver from Fox Sports 1380

The Seattle Mariners have been stuck in a 12-year long playoff drought that has created a lot of animosity towards the current ownership group. Fans have been clamouring for the ownership to spend money to bring top flight free agents to the franchise and often forgetting about the fact that Bill Bavasi constructed the first 10o (0r more) loss team while pay roll was over $100 million roster in Major League Baseball history in 2008 — the 2008 team’s payroll was $113 million and earned the team lost 101 games.

That frustration has caused fan interest to wain, and attendance at Safeco Field to plummet. It is up to Jack Zduriencik to create a roster that can start to generate wins, while keeping the long-term health of the franchise intact.

During the last off-season, Jack Zduriencik has been able to bring in several intelligent off-season signings…but has avoided making that trade that could force the team into another five to six-year rebuild. These moves have also rapidly reactivated fan interest in the team, but this roster still isn’t anywhere near a team that could make the playoffs this season.

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