Rodgers’ Understudies Have Been Viewing Glory

scotttolzienBefore today is out, we may know for sure whether Aaron Rodgers will return from his collarbone injury this Sunday against the Falcons. While I’m a Rodgers fan myself, I hold the view that Green Bay games started by the three different Packers backups have been exponentially more entertaining.

For one, I had no idea Seneca Wallace was still playing. And sadly, as quick as you can say “Check it out dude, Seneca Wallace is starting for the Packers,” it was all over. The quarterback suffered a season-ending groin injury on November 10, his first start since 2010. The injury occurred on Green Bay’s first offensive possession. He threw just five passes. Hopefully Wallace can get work next year we’re rooting for him.

So the Packers needed a quarterback. They turned to the most efficient passer in Wisconsin history, Scott Tolzien. A week prior to his debut against the Eagles, Tolzien was on the Packers’ practice squad, having never thrown a single NFL pass. In parts of three games, Tolzien threw just one touchdown and five interceptions, before getting the hook against the Vikings. The Pack replaced Tolzien with the newly-reacquired superstar backup Matt Flynn.

Flynn has been the starter since Tolzien was pulled against the Vikings. In that game Flynn led a late comeback that resulted in the first NFL tie since last year. In his only start, Flynn put America to sleep on Thanksgiving afternoon, with a dreadful 10-20, 3 turnover performance. He was sacked by the Lions 7 times in the 41-10 rout.

Suffices to say, the Pack need Rodgers back if they want to save their season. But if I’m being honest with myself, I’d really rather see the Green Bay situation continue to break down, and the Packers bring in two or three more starters! What’s Byron Leftwich up to? Charlie Batch perhaps? I bet David Carr has some football left in him. Packer fans want Rodgers back, but I wanna see more Green Bay quarterbacks!


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