Pac-12 Power Rankings for Week 15

Take a look at my Pac-12 Power Rankings..Now with more Sark!

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I’ve always been afraid of what Steve Sarkisian would be able to do at UW once he managed to keep his offensive line healthy for an entire season. This season saw him overcome some of the O-line issues with a hurry-up version of his offense, and the Husky offense exploded as a result. But the O-line still had issues with blocking and were consistently dominated throughout the 2013 season.

Despite the O-line issues, and the deep Pac-12, UW still went 8-4 (5-4) this season…the program’s best record in a 12 years.

Apparently, that was all Pat Haden (USC’s Athletic Director) needed to hire the former Trojan offensive co-coordinator:

So some Husky boosters got their wish, Sark is gone; and now UW is in the market for a new head coach. It will be interesting…

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