Why don’t we seem to care more about this?

On Sunday, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson won his sixth Sprint Cup series championship in the last eight years.  Johnson has been dominant in that time period, putting up record numbers and becoming the face of stock car racing.  He has an endorsement deal with the biggest home improvement warehouse chain in America, and his crew chief Chad Knaus is a total badass.  Knaus is the equivalent of a Bill Belichick in the NFL when it comes to putting his guys in place to win or be in the running to win every single year.

Winning six out of eight championships in anything is pretty impressive.  Even if it’s fucking table tennis, if you can do 75% of anything and be the best unless it’s flying a plane or putting someone under general anesthesia – you’re considered by most of the people around you to be an expert.  So even if you’re not into stock car racing, you have to admit this guy is the John Lennon of guys named Dale, Greg, Kevin or any combination of those monikers.

Still, something doesn’t feel right.  It seems like as a dude who has a huge interest in sports, sports broadcasting, sports talk radio, and a part of the most dynamic independent group of sportsbloggers on the web I should be writing books about a guy who is crushing everybody to this degree.  If nothing else, I should have jumped on this right away when you consider that we don’t usually upload our NFL “What we Learned” pieces until late Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  You would think that with such a monumental achievement in sports that somebody would have at least posted something by the middle of the week.

But that hasn’t been the case, and I believe that is largely due to the fact when it comes to stock car racing, a lot of dudes between the ages of 18 and 45 who are huge fans of other sports do not feel drawn to NASCAR.  So how does the governing body of that sport reach guys like me who would be a pretty easy sell if they simply made a couple of basic adjustments?

That (as Dubs would say) is the $64,000 question.  While most NASCAR fans would argue that they don’t need to worry about expanding their fanbase, the people in charge of that sport are well aware that even though it’s a multi-billion dollar industry more is always better.  And it has to be closer than we think, especially if somebody like me is willing to admit that’s the case.  Maybe what it needs is someone to add a little smart-assery and quick wit to the game.  So…

For those of you who are adamant about the future of motorsports, this is a call to all of you who may be interested in writing about it.  We would love to have an individual here at Sports Blog Movement who is knowledgeable about motorsports.  This isn’t just because we don’t consider ourselves to be huge fans of racing, it’s because with all of the time it takes to cover every other sport under the sun there is no way we would be able to make room for it.  Hopefully this is where someone who is reading this will take notice, get a hold of us at sportsblogmovement@gmail.com and become our racing guy.

Now the job doesn’t pay jack shit, but we are building one hell of a brand and it will give the writer the opportunity to get their stuff out in the open and more importantly change the opinions of fans who follow other sports and don’t follow racing.

Insert Your Substance Abuse Problem Here

If somebody doesn’t contact us regarding this position, don’t expect to come back to this website and read humor devoid of anti-racing references.  Simply put, if a guy winning six championships in eight years isn’t going to get us to post next-day reactions then not getting back to us about this opportunity is going pave the way for a lot more jokes about illiteracy and domestic abuse.

So prove us wrong – come join our team and sell us on the sport which you’re so passionate about.  We will give you more than the opportunity to do so, and allow you to tell us why racing should be prevalent on our website.  Because if nobody steps up and decides to do so, it’s right back to the drawing board for motorsports at SBM – and we all know racing fans can’t draw.  Back to you, Jon…



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3 responses to “Why don’t we seem to care more about this?

  1. Good luck with your search. Most NASCAR fans can’t form a complete sentence.


    Boy, am I gonna get my ass kicked for that one.

  2. Thank you for putting this post out there- you took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂

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