Matt Flynn to Become Backup for Third Team in Two Months

Flynn, shown the last time he was a starter.

Originally posted at the  Obscure Athletes Blog

Matt Flynn is back! And the 28-year-old former future NFL starter is returning to where it all started, rejoining the Packers, who drafted Flynn out of LSU in 2008. Flynn showed promise as a young backup in Green Bay, and ultimately saw game action late in the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

But nothing went right for Matt Flynn after he left the Pack– that is, except for the fat paycheck bestowed upon him by the Seattle Seahawks. After that ’11 season, Flynn signed a three-year, $20.5 million deal with Seattle, of which 9 million was guaranteed. It was simply assumed that Flynn would earn the starting job, but the would-be NFL Rookie of the Year, Russell Wilson, won the starting spot out of camp. He threw just nine career passes for the Seahawks, and was released after 2012.

Flynn was brought to Oakland in the offseason, again with the implication he would be the starter. And again Flynn whiffed, and was relegated to backup duty, this time to Terrell Pryor. Matt Flynn was released after appearing in two games for the Raiders, starting one. He hooked on with the Bills, where he backed up all of EJ Manuel, Thad Lewis, and Jeff Tuel, never throwing a pass as a Bill.

Buffalo released Flynn on November 4, and now with the injuries to Rodgers and Seneca Wallace in Green Bay, he makes his grand return to the Pack. This time he’ll be backing up Scott Tolzien. Will Matt Flynn EVER get a chance to be a starter in the NFL? The planets simply will not align for the dude.



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2 responses to “Matt Flynn to Become Backup for Third Team in Two Months

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  2. Sounds like he’s got a case of the Tebows.

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