The Ideal FBS Playoff; Part 1

College football is saying good-bye to the BCS after the 2014 national championship game; and the process of transitioning to a four-team playoff begins. Many people suspect that the four-team playoff is just a stepping stone to an eight team — and then a 16-team — playoff. Hopefully this is true, and there will be a 16-team playoff sometime in the future; a 16-team playoff does create some challenges and a lot of those challenges are only going to be made worse if the selection committee system stays in place. So the question is; what are those issues and how do they get fixed?

In part one we will take a look at addressing the issues of conference representation; getting the tournament field to 16 teams; and the BCS bowls. Part two will take a look at the seeding of the tournament; where the playoff games will be played; and the timing of the tournament. The third and final part will be published after the college football season is over, and I will use Tim’s final computer rankings for the 2013 season to generate the tournament field.

Now on to part one:

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