Any Given Saturday…just not this one for WSU

On Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, the Washington State Cougars make the trip down to Eugene, Oregon to take on the No. 2 Oregon Ducks. The Cougs are 40 point underdogs, and it’s hard to blame Vegas for that prediction; WSU suffered a crushing defeat against Oregon State in Pullman last Saturday. There are lots of reasons that the Cougs should lose in their trip to Eugene — in fact there aren’t a lot of reasons to think the Cougs even have any kind of chance at winning this game. That being said, friend of the show Brett Gleason (and an author at West Coast Biastook a look at what it would take to beat Oregon in Eugene for the U of O’s newspaper the Daily EmeraldAs Cougar and Duck fans prepare for this inevitable slaughter, I am going to apply my analysis to Brett’s scenario…because it’s early on Saturday morning and I can.

Gleason starts the article off by stating the very fact that it is highly unlikely for WSU to go into Oregon and pick up the win, and that he had been assigned an impossible task.

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