Week Seven College Football Round-up

College football is a spectacle that is dependent on the unthinkable happening. Blowouts when it was predicted to be a close game, upsets that no one saw coming, and gut punching turnovers that cripple a team’s chance at winning its game. Despite all of this, fans and media personalities try to make sense of it all; they try to predict the game and all of the madness that it encompasses.

One of these people is our very own Arthur Wilson, and he does a weekly prediction post. I am going to do a weekly wrap up of the week that was. The teams/games that are going to be randomly selected from Arthur’s prediction post. So, let’s get to it:


Oregon Ducks: The No. 2 Ducks made the trip north towards Seattle to take on rival (and No. 16) Washington. Oregon started off quickly by jumping to a 21-7 lead by the half. While Washington managed to win the third quarter — 17-10 — the Ducks cruised in the fourth quarter behind Marcus Mariota. It was the first time Mariota had played in the fourth quarter in 2013, and he shined: he was 24-31 with 366 passing yards with….

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