Nick Saban To Texas?


Nick Saban

In college football, rumours of coaches leaving one program to go to another usually don’t start until the end of the season. After all, there are games to be played, bowl games to be invited to and a National Championship to be won. However, nothing is normal or usual when Nick Saban is part of the conversation.

The current head coach of the defending National Champions and the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide, is currently seeking his third straight BCS title. But that isn’t the only morsel on Saban’s dinner plate. According to the Associated Press, Saban was rumoured to have met with regents from the University of Texas about their head coaching position. Remember, Texas still has a coach in place in Mack Brown, who led the Longhorns to a National Championship in 2005. Ironically, that is the last time a team outside of the SEC were crowned…

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2 responses to “Nick Saban To Texas?

  1. Never going to happen. Even if Texas offered him a ridiculous amount of money, Alabama matches it and then some.

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