Week One Winners and Losers


Opening Kickoff

The show is back. It is always a good thing when NFL football dominates the television landscape on a Sunday. That being said, there are teams who are looking to rebound after a tough start. Some teams are even panicking over their first week result. Meanwhile, other teams are overjoyed with their opening week victories, to the point where the parade route is being planned. I say, let’s cool off for a second. Sure, winning is better than the alternative. (Well DUH) But no team should go into hysterics over the first week of the season. But we can analyze the action from the first week and determine the winners and losers of Week 1. So without further ado, here are the winners and losers of Week 1, of the 2013 NFL season.


Denver Broncos:

Broncos TD

While fellow SBM members Dubsism and Meehan are trashing the Broncos defense, (there is some…

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