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Sports with Neil’s Pac-12 South Power Rankings

After taking a look at the Northern Division of the Pacific 12 Conference, it is time for us to take a look at the Southern one. UCLA has won this division the past two seasons, with last year actually being a legit divisional win.  Now, don’t get me wrong…Jim Mora Jr. looks like he currently has UCLA poised to be the team to dominate the division for a while to come; that being said, this division is currently weak when compared to its peer, the Pac-12 North.

Anyways, on to the South!

1) UCLA: In Jim Mora’s first season last year, the Bruins surprised the Pac-12-and really the college football world-with their upset win over Nebraska. They suffered an embarrassing loss to Cal last year,..

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If you work for the Chicago White Sox marketing department and you’re responsible for this, I hope that you get the bird flu. And I hope that you get it from an alligator bite so that the conversation where the doctor has to explain the whole situation to your family is extremely awkward and uncomfortable.

by Ryan Meehan

Friday night in Chicago at US Cellular field the Texas Rangers were in town to take on the Chicago White Sox.  This was a special game for the White Sox to be hosting, as it was also Major League Baseball’s annual “Civil Rights Game”.  It’s my understanding that this event is held to honor players like Jackie Robinson who helped advance the cause of minorities in sport, as well as raise awareness for the dwindling number of active African American players in baseball.  The designation of the Civil Rights Game was something that Major League Baseball assigned to this particular game, and like any sport that pretty much trumps any promotion that the stadium might be running at the time.

Something which surprises me that almost nobody is talking about is the same evening, the promotion that they just happened to be running at the ballpark was Elvis night.  They encouraged fans to dress like the self-proclaimed “King” of rock n’ roll, and even had Elvis impersonators sing the National Anthem and the seventh inning stretch.  Continue reading

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