Sports with Neil’s Pac-12 North Pre-Season Power Rankings

Last year the Pac-12 was extremely exciting to watch, as the North continued its string of winning the Pac-12 title. There is going to be a lot of interesting story lines as we move through the season; does the hot seat talk for Steve Sarkisian end, or does it boil over? Are the Cougs able to [actually] turn things around in Mike Leach’s second year at the helm? Is Jim Mora Jr. the solution for the UCLA Bruins?..and many, many more.

That being said, the story lines are only part of what this post is about. This post is taking a look at how I think the Pac-12 teams rank going into the season.

That’s right folks, Pac-12 Power Rankings have returned; and we will start with the Northern Division.

1) Stanford: The Cardinal posted an impressive 12-2 record last season, as the won the conference and the Rose Bowl. Last season started off good for the Cards with an impressive upset win over the Trojans of Southern California in conference play. There success continued throughout the season (minus a couple of hick-ups against he Huskies and Notre Dame); and ended with a 20-14 win in the Rose Bowl over Wisconsin.

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