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Sports Blog Movement NFL Preview: Ten Things To Watch For in The 2013 Season

SBM NFL crystal ball

By J-Dub and Ryan Meehan

Over the next few weeks, the group here at Sports Blog Movement will be breaking down the upcoming NFL season from all possible angles, including many that do not involve wearing pants.  Given all of Meehan’s citations for indecent exposure and J-Dubs’ inability to find any pants that actually fit, we’re just the guys to kick this thing off and let you know what we have planned here at SBM over the next couple of weeks.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • August 21st – AFC East – SBM Contributor Patrick Young
  • August 22nd – NFC East – SBM Contributor Ryan Meehan
  • August 23rd – AFC North – SBM Contributor Patrick Young
  • August 24th – NFC North – SBM Contributor Jeremy Wiebe
  • August 25th – AFC South – SBM Contributor Kody Brannon
  • August 26th – NFC South – SBM Contributor Jeremy Wiebe
  • August 27th – AFC West -SBM Contributor Ryan Graham
  • August 28th – NFC West – SBM Contributor Ryan Graham
  • August 29th – SBM Exclusive – The Ex-Kicker’s Round Table on the 2013 NFL Contenders & Pretenders – J-Dub

As far as today’s installment is concerned, J-Dub and Meehan are here to tell you about ten things you may not be expecting, but that you should definitely keep an eye out for, because they are a hell of a lot more likely to happen than you winning your office pool, fantasy football league, or whatever other bullshit in which you wrap your football Sundays .

1) The Impending Collapse of the New England Patriots

God bless Bernard Pollard.

God bless Bernard Pollard.

It may not happen this year, but it’s happening soon.  In general, the Patriots are getting old in front of our very eyes, and specifically, the offensive line sucks, the only way they can move the ball on the ground is to send it FedEx, and right now Tom Brady has fewer targets than the Polish Air Force did in 1939.  This team is a Tom Brady injury away from 5-11 season and we all know it.  When Tom Brady got his ACL and MCL smashed in game one of the 2008 season and Matt Cassel took over, the Patriots finished 11-5, as opposed to winning their first eighteen games of the season the year before.  Brady is the only thing they really have left, because the Patriots have more missing pieces than a garage sale jigsaw puzzle.

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