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The Team That Can Save Baseball


Pirates Win

Tired of Major League Baseball’s ongoing and somewhat exhausting investigation of the use of PED’s in the sport? Tired of players like Alex Rodriguez acting arrogantly to the charges and his subsequent appeal to his “suspension”? Tired of the same teams dominating the headlines year after year? (I’m talking to you Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.) Tired of teams who spend far too much, only to tank on the field and look like a complete joke? (I’m talking to you Toronto Blue Jays.) Well here’s a team and a story that all sports fans can feel good about.

The Pittsburgh Pirates can save baseball from itself. Trust me, you wouldn’t have uttered those words 5 years ago. But the Pirates are the feel-good story of the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

Since 1992, the Pirates have mastered the art of futility. Granted, they deserved some sort of punishment…

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Tigers look to rebound in 2013

LSUThe LSU Tigers are coming off of a 10-3 season that was capped off by a loss to Clemson in the Chick-fil-a bowl. They were stacked to return most of the team intact, but a few players ended up leaving early for the draft, which has only left them with 12 returning starter’s total. But Les Miles always seems to find a way to get the best out of his teams.

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Experienced Rice looking for back to back Bowl games

ImageThe Rice Owls have not been known for being a winning program, and they have only had seven winning seasons since 1961. But under head coach David Baliff they had a winning season last year, and are poised to make another run at a winning season this year. With 19 returning starters and a softer schedule in conference this year, it looks like the Rice Owls will be poised to surpass the seven win total from last year and reach a 2nd straight bowl game since 1960-1961.

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espnMore often than not hypocrisy is a byproduct of arrogance or ignorance. When you have a person or group of people that are both, well…forget the shovel and get a backhoe, because its about to get deep.

Very few groups of people are as arrogant and/or ignorant as today’s North American athlete. Some attend college, fewer actually pay attention.  Almost all of them live in an insulated cocoon, convinced that the world really does revolve around them. They truly believe tens of thousands of adoring fans long to hear every vapid, incoherent thought that pops into their oft concussed brain.

All the stupid shit they say isn’t even surprising anymore. It’s not like there are reprecussions or anything. For the athletes that are talented enough to generate millions (sometimes billions) of dollars for the owners/school presidents, they truly can do nothing wrong.  Let’s face it, if you or I did or said anything close to what these clowns did our bosses would replace us in a minute and forget we ever existed 30 seconds later. But that’s only because we don’t make them millions (billions) of dollars. If you had skills or talents that made your boss insanely rich you would be allowed to act like a complete douche canoe without reprisal, too.

But this week has been an avalanche of bullshit from the world of sports. A nonstop barrage of verbal diarrhea in dangerous proportions, and it’s only Tuesday.  When Mark McGwire said, “I wish I was never a part of (the steroid era)… Just get rid of (PED’s),” that is hypocrisy of the highest order. That’s like Larry Flynt apologizing for “…that one time I was a little off-color.”

Mark McGwire thinks the punishments should be longer? He regrets being “part of it?”  DUDE…you weren’t a “part,” you were the guy who started it. You know the whole “Bash Brothers” thing? 73 homeruns? Chicks dig the long ball? Ring any bells?

The entire Steroid Era began with McGwire and Canseco in an Oakland bathroom and now he wants to see longer suspensions to end it? How convenient his conscience kicks in now that he is done making millions.  Sounds like something that might have been nice to say at the congressional inquiry he was called to in 2005. Instead he spoke in empty, measured platitudes and lawyerese. Now he wants to spew some sanctimonious rhetoric about the pitfalls of taking the drugs that made him a millionaire 100 times over:

“It’s not worth it at all,” McGwire said.

Seriously, just shut up. I fully believe his remorse and guilt, really I do. But he is the last person that needs to be talking right now. Politely decline the question and go about your business as a hitting coach. Which, how a guy with a career .263 BA and 20.3 SO% is qualified to be a hitting coach above little league is beyond me.

Then there’s Rex Ryan pleading with NY fans and media to “cut Sanchez a break.”  Really?

First off: Sanchez sucks. He doesn’t deserve a break and New York wouldn’t give him one even if he did. Win some freakin’ games or go host a game show on Animal Planet, Sanchize.

Second: Who was it that traded for Tim Tebow last year? Was that trade made at the insistence of the NY Post? Or the fans? No, that was Dr. Scholls himself. Maybe it would have been nice if Rex Ryan cut Sanchez a break and not brought over the mother of all distractions. Or better yet maybe he could cut us all a break and stop making ridiculous predictions that his roster and coaching acumen have no hope of fulfilling. If Ryan had any clue what market he is in (which apparently he still doesn’t) he would know that asking the fans and media to go easy on him is actually going to make things worse.  Remember in “Dazed and Confused” when they asked Ben Affleck to “go easy on” one kid during freshmen hazing? Yea…it’s going to be like that. I’m sure the rest of the Jets are asking Sanchez to leave out the back gate after practice every day. Way to go, Rex.

And while ESPN has a hard-on for all trivial things NY and Tebow related, that’s nothing compared to their mental disorder level fascination with Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.  If ESPN wanted to report something that was actually news they would search college campuses across America and find a college QB that isn’t a total douche canoe. It’s hardly news to report college football players are total meatheads, but the hypocrisy that the NCAA is investigating him for alleged autograph violations is beyond ridiculous.

Isn’t the NCAA the governing body that allowed Penn State to operate a summer camp for pedophiles for a decade? But GOD FORBID some kid gets $20 for signing a ball cap. What’s next, are we going to limit the number of blowjobs the football players are allowed to receive, lest we consider those as “improper compensation for performance?”

According to Arrrestnation.com  there were 524 athletes arrested in 2012. Over 72% (381) were college athletes, 264 in college football alone. Stories like this from Elizabeth City College are hardly unique. Campus crimes go unreported all the time, and it’s probably a safe bet to assume student athletes commit more than their share. So for the NCAA to spend their time investigating Manziel for profiting from autographs is almost comical. Athletes can run amok on campus and the NCAA has no fucks to give, but some kid gets a few thousand bucks and they bring the law?


But the greatest offender in this week’s avalanche of bullshit is the media.  This morning’s one hour broadcast of Sportscenter was 43 minutes. Of which they spent 12 minutes talking about what actually happened in sports and 31 minutes talking about quasi-sports related bullshit (See: A-Rod, Manziel.)  Of all of the great things going on in sports the only two topics of conversation on ESPN are about a sophomore QB making a few extra bucks and Alex Rodriguez taking drugs. Both are about as surprising as reporting that the Flyers have goalie issues, Miguel Cabrera is a pretty good hitter and that most men would pick Kate over Justin Upton in a wet T-Shirt contest.

Think the media didn’t know about what was happening in Happy Valley? Don’t kid yourself. It’s their job to know about things like that. They knew, and said nothing. And they know about what happens on college campuses, too. But they would rather make some idiotic story about a knucklehead jock selling autographs as their top story and then pretend to be some beacon of truth and morality for doing so.

The vast majority of sports writers are sycophantic hypocrites of the worst kind.  They create some larger than life persona of “Johnny Football” only to take immense joy in tearing it down just as quickly as they fabricated the image in the first place.  They will portray mock horror at the PSU scandal when they knew about it a decade ago. Maybe longer. They love to play the concerned parent. The sympathetic neighbor. Spare me.

Maybe I missed the part where sports turned into a VH1 reality show. Maybe I’m getting old and cynical. Maybe a lot of people who make a living talking should take a break and let sports fan enjoy, you know, sports.


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