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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Andrew W.K.

by Ryan Meehan

I’m standing about forty-five feet from Younkers, a local retail department store that sells everything from hair care products to mattresses.  Usually their stuff is drastically overpriced, or at least most of the products are.  About a month and a half ago, Paula Deen underwent severe public scrutiny for her use of the N-word to describe African Americans.  Her cookware is now half off at Younkers – It’s still really good quality and nobody is buying it.

This week, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper became the new Paula Deen.  A video leaked Wednesday of Cooper referring to a bouncer at the backstage area of a Kenny Chesney concert as an “N-word”.  The video quickly went viral, and just like that America had someone else to hate.  in that collective moment, they once again vaporized the thought that they themselves could be the source of something so “hateful”.     Continue reading



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The Riley Cooper Situation: Yet Another Exercise in the Exploitation of Racism for Profit

espn klansman

Last week, steroids were the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the sports world.  Trust me, there was absolutely no hyperbole spewing from the mouths of the sports media gasbags when they were saying this. Never mind there were sandwiching the steroid conversation with talk about a guy who may have killed at least one person. Let’s be honest, it is common knowledge in the sports media world that steroids are definitely worse than murder. The disproportionate amount of coverage given to these topics bears that out.

That was until Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Riley Cooper got caught on video saying the word “nigger.” In one fell swoop, racism became the worst thing ever in the history of the sports world.  It was worse than killing somebody, It was worse than the systematic use of illegal drugs. That’s right, a single word became the worst thing in the history of the sports world, and I have  a one-word answer for that.


Forget about the ridiculousness inherent in a bunch of reporters blowing a story completely out of proportion; they do that anyway, so it all evens out. Forget about the idea that the systematic use of performance-enhancing drugs has become as issue that threatens to mess up the integrity of just about every sport out there (Has anybody been caught juicing in curling yet?) Forget about the idea that anybody is supposed to believe that the utterance of a single word is worse than that shooting somebody in the back of the head.  I’m not even going to get into the utter hypocrisy that if a white guys says “nigger,” he’s instantly somewhere between Adolf Hitler and the guy who changed the formula for Coca-Cola, and a black guy can say it with impunity (such as me exactly 24 words ago). Hell, Stephen A. Smith probably has “nigger” printed on his business card.

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