Does Being A Ground Ball Pitcher Equate to Better Run Suppression?

There is this idea out there that being a “ground ball pitcher” means that said pitcher is more likely to give up fewer runs; after all, there is zero chance that a ground ball turns into a guaranteed grand slam (I say guaranteed because of Luis Sojo). Now, giving up a ton of ground ball hits can be problematic, but ground ball hits are harder to come by because ground balls usually give more time for the defense to make a play on it.   Anyway, I wanted to know if there honestly is a correlation between being a ground ball pitcher, and allowing fewer runs.

To do this, I went to the Fangraphs pitchers page and arranged the list by having the pitchers with the heighest ground ball percentages (GB%) at the top of said list. Then I took a look at their FIP and xFIP to see if it did…here is the top ten;

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