The “Old School” All-Mustache Baseball Team

Here’s another classic baseball All-Time team bit from the Dubsism archives.


Like most baseball fans, I’m sure my fondness for the players from the days of my youth is not unusual. However, readers of this blog may have detected my tendency to analyze the incredibly kitschy. One of those examples delves into the double-knit nether world that was baseball attire of 1980. But take five years either side of that watershed year, and you are right in the wheelhouse of my youth. 

So when you combine all those factors, you really should not be surprised by my noticing a great baseball fashion statement, the mustache. Facial hair has long been a point of contention; some franchises explicitly ban it, some embrace it. In any event, the mustache can be a powerful statement, and there is no better way to illustrate that than by using examples from those baseballers of my youth. 


Billy Martin – Who better to put…

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One response to “The “Old School” All-Mustache Baseball Team

  1. The mustaches, oh the mustaches! Great work with this one, JW.

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