Eight Cultural Differences Between the 1950s and Now and Their Sporting Equivalents



Let’s just cut to the chase here…this country is fucked. The signs of it are around us every day. The one that really got me going was listening the the President of the United States say in reference to the Trayvon Martin case “that could have been me.”  There’s approximately 1,567,836 reasons for that being one of dumbest things ever said by a President.  For example, we didn’t even have Skittles in 1975. But what really drove me over the edge was the fact that the President of the United States fancies himself a juvenile delinquent too stupid to run away from a power-hungry dipshit with a gun.

In order to get my mind off weeping for the future of this country, I surfed around one of my favorite websites, Listverse.com.  Jamie Frater authored a piece about Eight Differences Between the 1950 and Now which offered the perfect…

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